LIS 680 Makerspace Spring 2015

In April 2015, the students of LIS 680 Instructional Technologies at Pratt SILS hosted a makerspace in our class. We the had some discussion and reflection on whether/how makerspaces can serve as or support library instruction.


  1. Students arrived in class to find our room transformed into four maker stations, each featuring a project they could try.
  2. SILS students are whittling wood with instruction from David Wells of the New York Hall of Science.
  3. After our making experiences, we had some discussion with our panel of experts. Cheryl Wolf of PS 63/363's McKinley Library discussed the challenges of creating a makerspace in a school setting where most activities need to be tied to the curriculum and students don't always have choice time.
  4. Claire Moore of the Darien Public Library's TEA Room noted that parent involvement is crucial to their program, but ultimately, the kids really want to participate.
  5. The Good School, an after-school and enrichment program that helps children create stop animation films emphasizes youth-driven practice.
  6. I loved hearing that New York Hall of Science's makerspace is a safe place for kids to try new things, make mistakes, and learn.
  7. A crucial point about making, from NY Hall of Science's David Wells: making can be high or low-tech. Most importantly, it focuses on the process of creation rather than just outcomes, and helps us see connections across media.
  8. Thanks to everyone who participated, including our guests and the students of LIS 680 for their willingness to try new things, challenge themselves, and get covered in sawdust.