Vivid Ideas: the Future of Work Sydney 2015

Building on the success of the Centre for Workplace Leadership Future of Work event in Melbourne this April, Vivid Ideas drew together a slate of experts in Sydney on June 4, to explore the major trends and movements shaping the workforces and workplaces of tomorrow.


  1. An audience of corporate, creative industries and social impact leaders came together at Google HQ for a day of discussions and workshops exploring the role of leadership, values & culture in building progressive organisations that can thrive in the knowledge economy.
  2. Location, location, location: talent drives where companies locate. Does your city have what it takes to attract talent?

  3. Job design & job share are the future of flexible, engaged workforces. Offering flexibility can be a big incentive for companies seeking to attract talent.

  4. Education & diversity are crucial to the 'talent signatures' of knowledge economy 'giants' like Apple, Google, Amazon

  5. Values drive everything: organisations with a shared values model drive by steerage, guided self-organisation, rather than command-control. Choose your values, and reinforce them by your actions. Organisations with a strong values-base allow individuals to act with trust, certainty and confidence.