New Social Media, New Social Science

Twitterchat Wednesday 5th December 2013. Today saw another lively NSMNSS tweetchat ably hosted by @einterview and several other members of our community who have kindly been volunteering their services to support an ongoing dialogue on topics of interests to the network. I was sorry not to be able to join you all so here's a Storify of the chat to help record those insights for the wider community.

  1. The chat was trailed by some interesting posts giving personal accounts and asking primer questions to get people thinking.
  2. And assisted by the growing mainstream discussion of the role of social media research, such as this recent discussion on the role the UK funding councils should play...
  3. Thanks to everyone who RTd and publicised the chat, you are all stars.
  4. And we're off... Great to see researchers from both sides of the Atlantic joining the chat, one of the
  5. And this posted image from Joe's new book got people talking..
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