Coffee and Teeth Grinding: does it mean Something Else


  1. For many of us, we love the taste of coffee, and often, we tend to love it. however, did you know that it can lead to a deeper issue if you’re not careful. We tend to drink it because we need a bit of a boost, but in reality, it actually can make us more tired in a lot of cases. It can also cause other problems as well. It can also create some harmful effects on the adrenal gland, for if you do drink it and then you crash later on, you might think it’s because you need more coffee, but it’s actually an adrenal function issue, and you should discuss this with your Eagle Rock dentist and your doctor.

    The biggest thing is that you need to pay attention to how much coffee that you can correlate and how you respond. Now, if you do well with coffee, it’ll give you a natural boost, not make you feel like you just snorted a bunch of pixie sticks and are wired. For people that tolerate coffee well, there is some research that shows it’s good for the health, since there are a lot of antioxidants, and phytochemicals as well. If you have one cup and do find it to be enough, then you’re good on coffee. However, if you do have a cup and then want more, there are a few issues that you might want to consult.

    There are a few issues that can be related to the coffee that you drink. For starters, there is grinding of teeth. This is an indicator for sleep apnea. Various brain scans show that grinding teeth is associated with the end of breathing, and often, grinding is used to restore the airway to help us breathe again.

    Tie that into coffee dependence. This can signal adrenal fatigue. If you depend on coffee in order to function and get the energy and focus that you need this is a sign that the adrenal gland might be fatigued. This is often seen in many that suffer from sleep apnea. When this happens, the adrenal gland is typically overworked from producing the needed adrenaline, and it actually happens while you’re sleeping because of the collapsed airway. Coffee is a stimulant of the muscles, and it will cause the teeth to grind a whole lot more.
  2. Adrenal failure and teeth grinding is a vicious cycle. You’re essentially trying to grind the teeth to open the airway, and when you wake up the next morning, you feel exhausted because you don’t feel you got the benefits of a good sleep. You then drink coffee in order to stay more awake as a result of this. The caffeine is then pushing itself forward, firing you up, and it actually can cause more damage to the teeth from further grinding, and it will in essence make you do it a lot more.

    If you’re a person that does both of these things, you should sit back and ask yourself the following: do I drink coffee for pleasure, or is it just to help me get through the day. If it’s the latter, then chances are, your dependence is actually going to make everything a whole lot worse.
  3. The best thing to do at that point is to go to your Eagle Rock dentist to see if you have any oral issues that do use grinding and grinding motions. If that’s the case, you should then talk to your doctor about what to do. You can get a sleep study from your physician as well, and from there, if they tell you that it is indeed a teeth grinding situation, and adrenal problem, you can take the necessary steps to help get the most out of your life.

    Many don’t put these two together, but they actually do end up working with one another to create problems. By knowing this, and knowing of these two conditions and why they are the way that they are, you’ll be able to watch out for this, take care of your personal health, and reduce the instances of teeth grinding in yourself as well.
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