EBSCO: The Reckoning

All EBSCO databases went down today.

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  1. EBSCO experienced technical difficulties on March 27, disabling access to all of the EBSCO resources that libraries provide their users (in short: a lot). 

    Many libraries let their patrons know via social media and some offered other resources (good job!).
  2. As of 2:45 p.m. PDT, EBSCO's last tweet was not very informative, but their phone customer service was lovely I was told.
  3. They did let us know they are hiring.
  4. Librarian humor.

  5. A few of my favorite humorous tweets from within the profession.
  6. Surprise! Students actually use EBSCO.

  7. @mirda_inc had good reason to worry; students weren't happy about EBSCO being down.  Also, procrastination is still popular.
  8. I Dislike PCs too, but it's not their fault.
  9. How indeed! (Hint: Go to, call, IM the library.).
  10. ughhhhh EBSCO article sources WOULD be down the one day i need sociological resources. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh life :(
  11. Ugh. First world problems.