To everything there is a season, on the MBTA

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  1. It happens every year. 

    Labor Day weekend comes and goes, and inexorably summer gives way to fall. In Boston, the shift can be abrupt and palpable, with a sudden autumnal chill arriving just behind the college students returning from summer vacation. 

    Fall means many things, but on the MBTA, it mostly means trouble: 
  2. With part-time residents returning to the city, the crowds on the T tend to be bigger than ever: 
  3. And everyone knows that parking is hard to find on move-in weekend, but cut this out, really: 
  4. Sept. 1 also marks the anniversary of the 1897 opening of Park Street Station, the first station of the transit system that would become the MBTA. Rumors suggest the system has seen some minor improvements since then. 
  5. But like many old-timers, the choices and movements of Old Man T can be mysterious, seemingly guided by a logic others cannot access:
  6. Yes, "The Safety Bounce," the MBTA's new public safety campaign, launched this week. Squirrel Burrito was relieved to see that it didn't seem to be gaining much traction: