1. The MBTA can be a fickle beast. When you arrive at a subway station or bus stop, you never know if you'll wait two minutes or two hours for your ride to arrive. And once you're on board, will the bus or train speed you directly to your destination? Or will it break down, get caught in traffic, or be subject to a "schedule adjustment" that leaves it stationary while precious minutes of your day tick away?

    The most reliable thing about the T may be its unreliability, as some Twitter users pointed out this week:
  2. T riders become frustrated when even their simplest and most basic desires are thwarted:
  3. And commuters hate seeing so many aspects of the system breaking down around them:
  4. All the frustrations can leave a person really sapped of vigor:
  5. It's no surprise, then, that they begin to consider alternative modes of transportation:
  6. Or that riders will become so excited by even a small bit of good fortune:
  7. Surprises on the T seem more often to be unpleasant, especially in the summer:
  8. Aspects of the system just mysteriously go awry:
  9. Commuters come to expect delays, though never to accept them: