1. When things go wrong on the T, they often go spectacularly wrong. It's not just that your train is late -- it's that the late train is packed, there are three screaming babies in the crowd, the air-conditioning isn't working, and the person next you has just vomited on himself.

    Bad luck on the MBTA comes in threes. And fours. And sevens and eights, sometimes.

    It doesn't always have to be that way. A cluster of people can be benign, even amusing:
  2. But often big groups on the T mean big annoyances:
  3. It's not just the passengers, though. The system itself is perfectly capable of offering more than one problem at a time:
  4. And then there are those times when it's both the passengers and the system:
  5. Nitin, though, found that everything could come together in a good way -- if you do your commuting very early Monday morning:
  6. And there's no requirement that problems come from multiple other riders. Just one person can make your travels more awkward:
  7. Or utterly confound you:
  8. Or, conversely, make you feel better about your fellow commuters:
  9. That nice woman may be an exception to the rule that says T riders must generally be insensitive to those around them: