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Amid fish and bare feet, MBTA riders question air quality


  1. MBTA riders say a lot of negative things about the T, but is it really polluting the environment its passengers share? Some of those voicing their complaints on Twitter this week seemed to think so.

    To be fair, its passengers are responsible for some of that pollution, including the  some serious fouling of the air:
  2. Jules posted that last tweet on Wednesday, but it looks like by Friday he had found a solution:
  3. Some of the T's air pollution problems likely being with poor decisions about discarding trash:
  4. JustGngr sounded like he was ready to carelessly toss some trash after discovering that was just what his Charlie Card had become:
  5. Aromas aren't the only negative element the MBTA and its passengers can add to the air around them: there's also the problem of noise pollution:
  6. But what would you call this? Piscine pollution?
  7. And is heat pollution a thing? Temperature pollution?