Foiled again by the MBTA

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  1. How often has it happened to you? You've planned your schedule. You're well on your way to arriving at your destination on time. Everything seems to be going your way and then -- foiled again:
  2. Once it happens, it can be difficult to recover. Chrissie Mac became apoplectic about it Wednesday morning:
  3. It's not as if local commuters aren't accustomed to the MBTA's long waits:
  4. The waits for buses can really test your patience:
  5. Occasionally a bus will seem to just go missing:
  6. Maybe because it's gone entirely the wrong way:
  7. Some waits can be inexplicable:
  8. Or even ominous:
  9. Or you can sit there waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and then ...
  10. It's not just the wait, though. Even after you board a train or a bus, it can be hard to understand how it can move so slowly: