Are MBTA riders an affront to the senses?

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  1. Are good manners in decline? Or are people just too easily offended these days? Each week, as MBTA riders post their frustrations to Twitter, many express horror at the behavior of other passengers.

    Maybe it's just that city life -- especially public transit -- brings together people from so many backgrounds. Is there a community that thinks cutting one's toenails on the subway is appropriate?

    This week's complaints show that riders are offending each other through almost all of the five senses, excepting -- thankfully -- that of taste. They were an affront to their fellow passengers' vision:
  2. Conversely, one man needed to keep his eyes to himself:
  3. Others aimed their attacks at the ears:
  4. Some riders caused consternation with their odors:
  5. These space invaders needed to learn not to touch -- or spray -- their fellow commuters:
  6. Tri$ha reminds riders that even when the person you're touching doesn't mind, you should keep that stuff off the train:
  7. While those riders couldn't keep their distance, one seemed really concerned about personal space:
  8. Not all the frustrating folks went straight for the senses; others offended riders' sensibilities: