Street Fight Summit 2011

Highlights from the inaugural #SFS11 conference in NYC, covering the business side of hyperlocal publishing

  1. Street Fight 2011 Gets Going
  2. Attending maiden Street Fight hyperlocal conference. #sfs11 Beehive. Superb first effort.
  3. With @thesyndotcom: Packed house for @streetfightmag summit! Some amazing panels focusing on the biz of hyperlocal. #SFS11
  4. @Fwix CEO darian Shirazi talks about LSO (location search optimization) - the new SEO at #sfs11
  5. Fwix CEO Darian Shirazi delivers his morning ...
    Fwix CEO Darian Shirazi delivers his morning ...
  6. Kicking off a day of all-things hyperlocal at @streetfightmag's #SFS11. Fwix ceo @darian314 opens w/ keynote: 'Lat/Long is the New Keyword'
  7. Some slides, blog posts and notes:
  8. A few Day One photos from #sfs11 at the LocalSocial Blog :
  9. Just posted Slides - Tuning into Consumers' Digital Signals by Location, Street Fight Summit
  10. RT @stevebuttry: In case someone's not live-tweeting the Street Fight Summit, here are my lessons-from-TBD posts:
  11. New business models emerge for daily deals sites after yesterday's Street Fight Summit:
  12. WNMN reporting from Street Fight Summit in New York
  13. Journalist entrepreneurs and hyperlocals: See live notes/tweets from Street Fight Summit 2011 by @jeremycaplan
  14. Talk Of A Better Daily Deal Model Abounds At Street Fight Summit ...
    Talk Of A Better Daily Deal Model Abounds At Street Fight Summit ...
  15. Street Fight Summit | Street Fight
    Street Fight Summit | Street Fight
  16. Daily Deal Media | Daily Deal Media – Daily Deal News, Resources ...
    Daily Deal Media | Daily Deal Media – Daily Deal News, Resources ...
  17. @foleymo There isn't, but we'll be recording, and the videos will be up online in a week or two.
  18. Panel #1: Patch, Main Street Connect, etc.
  19. At StreetFight Summit @newhouseSU alum @lkramer moderates panel on Hyperlocal Publishing with Patch, Datasphere, Main Street Connect. #SFS11
  20. RT @stevenc: Warren Webster, President of Patch "We're trying to combine local bloggers, original content, and aggregation." #sfs11
  21. RT @agiovine: I agree with Carll Tucker that those who win the trust of the local merchant will win in the end. #sfs11
  22. RT @stevenc: Carll Tucker, CEO at Main St. Connect: "We have 400 advertisers spending an average of $8k/yr with us". #sfs11 (The company is ~50 mkts)
  23. David Cowen: Hidden marketing costs of @Groupon is "like credit or giving a 3 year old a gun." #sfs11
  24. I am filming the Street Fight Summit about social grassroots media today for Daily Deals! #in
  25. Congrats to Laura Rich and @davehirschman (former colleague) on successful launch of the Street Fight Summit #sfs11
  26. RT @mikeorren: "Faster you grow, the longer it takes to become profitable." Disease behind so many failed businesses. Hide bad biz w/ growth? #SFS11
  27. Tucker: Problem w/ coupon systems: Merchants are so bewildered, called on by 2-4 vendors/day #sfs11 #hyperlocal
  28. Thanks @streetfightmag - enjoyed being on the #sfs11 panel with @RickEBlair and others. Great first summit!
  29. Panel #2: Location-Based Solutions for Publishers and Deals: Steven Jacobs, Moderator. 
    Eli Portnoy, CEO Thinknear
    Duncan McCall, CEO PlaceIQ
    Scott Hendrickson, Ad Sales VP, WHERE
  30. PlaceIQ, think near, and WHERE now on the panel at #sfs11 - lbs solutions for publishers and deals
  31. For location-based ads to work, publishers & advertisers need to learn how to do it, @eportnoy says. #sfs11
  32. agree, location is the future #lbs RT @welocally Location based services are driving the disruption in local advertising #sfs11
  33. Of the five big lies in local advertising targeting is one. #sfs11
  34. "sell the story through audience" - Duncan McCall, Place IQ on selling to national merchants for local platforms @streetfightmag #sfs11
  35. Everyone is talking hyperlocal - not sure they mean the same size of area #sfs11
  36. We're early in the evolution of mobile advertising, @PlaceIQ says. #sfs11
  37. seeing 30% click-through rate on location-based sms' - @Hendricksons ad sales VP at WHERE Inc #SFS11
  38. Regarding privacy and location based ads: don't be creepy. Via Scott Hendrickson of WHERE #sfs11
  39. #sfs11 if you can share measured results to merchants you can charge a premium, you have to prove ROI
  40. 45% of people are willing to travel 30 minutes for a 25% discount but most wont travel an hour says @eportnoy CEO thinknear #SFS11
  41. .@eportnoy says ad products have to be easy, low maintenance to work in local media. #sfs11
  42. @mpm: 45% of people are willing to travel 30 minutes for a 25% discount - @eportnoy ceo thinknear #SFS11
  43. LBS panel at Street Fight Summit: @EPortnoy, ThinkNear: "45% of people are willing to travel 30 min for 25% discount" #sfs11
  44. Good point! Understanding location AND context are imp in location based ads. What are you doing where?Shopping? On a date? etc. #sfs11
  45. Street Fight Summit 82 Mercer NYC on foursquare:
  46. RT @kristinbedard: key to local mobile advertising is simplicity and relevance - @eportnoy #sfs11
  47. Halls Coughdrops used the national flu index to hyper-target mobile advertising to areas that were indexing high...wild! #sfs11
  48. Integrating the flu index to Halls cough drops ad campaign is one of the best ideas I've ever heard. True targeting. #sfs11
  49. Eli Portnoy, CEO Thinknear: "I'd like to see advertisers buying mobile impressions based on lat/long of the user". #sfs11
  50. #lbs, the big brother panel. these guys watch everything consumers do - reactions to weather, events, etc. #sfs11
  51. Yeah, what up with that!? RT @BrooklynBased: So far every panelist and speaker at #SFS11 has been a dude.
  52. RT @stevenc: Eli Portnoy, CEO Thinknear: "I'd like to see advertisers buying mobile impressions based on lat/long of the user". #sfs11
  53. interesting obs by Eli Portnoy of thinknear: NYC may be easiest to do local, but doesn't look muck like rest of US (he's in LA) #sfs11
  54. "If publishers don’t make mobile advertising relevant quickly, people will quickly start tuning them out". #SFS11
  55. The chatter out of #SFS11 today should be an interesting window on convergence: info/geo/mobile/social/economics= "hyperlocal."
  56. Panel #3: 
    Daily Deals Biz
    Rick Robinson, Columnist, Street Fight

    Jonty Kelt, CEO Group Commerce
    Chad Billmyer, CEO, Dealbird
    Perry Evans, CEO, Closely
  57. merchants need range of services, one-stop shop. #dailydeals are one part. #smb merchants don't want 10 pitches a day. #sfs11 via @jontykelt
  58. Here's that great article by @sethpriebatsch from SCVNGR/LevelUp on Groupon and daily deal loyalty problem: #SFS11
  59. Check out last weeks #DailyDealChat recap to get caught up before @Poggled hosts this Thursday 12pm CT! #sfs11
  60. Grouponzi - what a great phrase! :-) Rick at #sfs11 quoted it as part of the deal panel....and during GroupOn IPO roadshow week
  61. Daily deals panel #sfs11 Groupon = Ponzi scheme? Panel says no; daily deal model is changing, merchants getting smarter
  62. RT @kristinbedard: interesting model shared by Perry Evans from @closely: rethinking #smb marketing from scratch, with a Hootsuite-like solution #sfs11
  63. Merchants getting more and more savvy when it comes to crunching the numbers.... transparency is clearly becoming king... #sfs11 @addiply
  64. reiteration from panel: merchants want integrated marketing solution that's 2011-ready and fwd thinking, not #dailydeals a la carte #sfs11
  65. Stay connected with everything that's going on at the Street Fight Summit 2011! #SFS11 #hyperlocal
  66. @ApsidesMedia big opportunity for the local social media ad agency to guide SMBs thru thicket of SMM & deals landscape #sfs11
  67. #dailydeal #groupon Geo-Targeting via Mobile: Hot Topic at Street Fight Summit 2011: Locatio... #socialcommerce #fb
  68. daily deals a low barrier to entry, high barrier to scale business, hence the number of DD companies going under, says Jonty Kelt #sfs11
  69. we're in a time in which businesses have to constantly work to re-acquire customers. they're starting to own up to this -Perry Evans #sfs11
  70. Filling slow times doesn't have to be about undervaluing good/service. Take Strong Beer Month in SF, for example. #SFS11
  71. Daily Deals Next Move panel #sfs11 Good sober panel in a time of deals hype.
  72. #sfs11 the problem with Hyperlocal journalists getting a piece of the action is sourcing.
  73. the #dailydeals market is large, and opportunity exists for traditional publishers says @jontykelt from @groupcommerce #sfs11
  74. CBS Local Digital: Ezra Kucharz Presentation
  75. Here is the write up about my Keynote at Street Fight Summit Thanks to all #SFS11
  76. Mobile market may be as large as online in 24-36 months, @ekucharz says. #sfs11
  77. 24% lift in brand recall when combining digital/mobile ad with TV, says Ezra Kucharz of CBS Digital Media. - #sfs11
  78. RT @ArtemAltman: RT @nyegotist CEO of CBS local: Best place to reach consumers before 9 am is radio. #oldschool #sfs11
  79. Finally understand Goog's Zero Moment of Truth thx to CBS Local prez: when u use digital just b4 making decision. Thanks! #sfs11
  80. CBS Local President says great content is key, and then cites Mike Francesa cruelly badgering Darelle Revis. That's not great content #SFS11
  81. CBS local prez: local share of digital 17% this year to 24% by 2014 #sfs11 (no one ever shows charts of decline into future)
  82. Hyperlocal Graveyard Panel

    Ted Mann, CEO of SnipSnap

    Mark Potts, Founder BackFence
    Steve Buttry, Formerly at TBD
    Moderator, Michael Meyer, Columbia Journalism Review

  83. #sfs11 panel Hyperlocal Graveyard filled with rockstars - CJR moderates, Mark Potts, Ted Mann & Steve Buttry - "pioneers who got the arrows"
  84. yfrog Photo : Shared by journaccel
    yfrog Photo : Shared by journaccel
  85. First lesson from the hyperlocal graveyard at #sfs11 : no one ever likes to admit that they are in the graveyard.
  86. Ted Mann: in NJ, there are lot of #hyperlocal sites & most of those indie sites were better at local ad sales than inJersey #sfs11
  87. #SFS11 "Lessons from the Hyperlocal Graveyard": How'd I dodge being in this rogue's gallery? W/ @stevebuttry @pottsmark
  88. Mann: indie #hyperlocals should spend less time chasing banner ads, etc. Think doing events, other rev ideas #sfs11
  89. Will aggregating bloggers to one spot, like is doing increase interest in advertisers? The #sfs11 graveyard thinks so
  90. Buttry: I don't think TBD failed, bc company gave site 3 years to make money, but execs pulled plug 6 mos in #sfs11
  91. This session on closed local businesses at #sfs11 isn't a graveyard; it is a classroom. Failure is a necessary byproduct of innovation.
  92. Potts: Ads as content has value -- local ads on local site may have more impact than non-local ad #sfs11
  93. Buttry: a start-up digital op needs own sales staff; TBD had sales staff up to 3 weeks before launch but was unstable #sfs11
  94. RT @mikeorren: Sadly, like most postmortems, #sfs11 graveyard panel reveals more about execution problems than transferable strategy.
  95. Streetfight everyone loves #hyperlocal but no one knows how to make money #SFS11
  96. RT @jessdrkn: Potts: Keep costs low to have a #hyperlocal site; then market it like crazy; figure out your biz from the start #sfs11
  97. Dig the headstones, Mark Potts brings props, great innovators who contributed significantly - advancing the field x 10
  98. The Evolution of the Check-In

  99. #SFS11: "The Evolution of the Check-In"
    #SFS11: "The Evolution of the Check-In"
  100. Just learned that #foursquare has 10mil users And 500k users at #sfs11. Ok time to take our head out of the sand and sign up.
  101. #sfs11 The evolution of the check-in. #Foursquare says check in has evolved from saying you are here to I'm here so hook me up with a deal!
  102. future of the check-in goes beyond location: time of day, weather; @dens just got a shout out here at #sfs11
  103. While discussing 4square here's a great #infographic on social media sharing trends for everyone! : ) #sfs11
  104. My girlfriend and I played a two-hour SCVNGR challenge last weekend in Minneapolis to try to win a new car. Totally fun. #sfs11
  105. Check In Sites create new metric…Click-through rate replaced by the “Drive To” rate. #sfs11
  106. Sponsored Speakers: 


  107. Insights and Thought Leadership From Top Hyperlocal Businesses (sponsored) 3:50pm @phil_hendrix @fwmoyer @jnmccarter
  108. "How many of you find it easy to text businesses you do business with?" asks @phil_hendrix of @GigaOm. No hands that I see. #sfs11
  109. Digital signals = data as consumers interact w/ digital channels (web, mobile, social, etc.), @phil_hendrix says. #sfs11
  110. GeoIQ now on, visualising hyper local data from across the web, and demo'ing some rather tasty stuff from their platform. #sfs11
  111. Dr. Phil Hendrix now speaking about Digital Signals at the #sfs11 how signals reveal consumers' attitudes, interests, plans, intentions.
  112. Jeff Jarvis Fireside Chat with Evan Cohen
  113. Nice definition of serendipity from Jeff Jarvis : unexpected relevance #sfs11
  114. @jeffjarvis speaking with @evco at #sfs11: "We in media need to stop thinking we sell space, and start thinkinging about selling service"
  115. "We have citizen journalists, we should have citizen salespeople too - @jeffjarvis #sfs11 #api
  116. "What about Facebook?" @jeffjarvis asks. Places launch was scary, @evco says, but it bombed & 4sq keeps growing. Won battle, not war. #sfs11
  117. may be hanging in @foursquare's new home, talks of a move to new larger office space in SoHo - @evco #sfs11
  118. 4sq interested in partnerships w/ local media & others, @evco, but has no specific plans. #sf11
  119. @Ecco says 'future check-in' is something which @foursquare is thinking about a lot. Would really help "expand our demographic" #sfs11
  120. Foursquare poised to make new announcement...maybe moving NY office to Soho #sfs11
  121. @Evco says 'future check-in' is something which @foursquare is thinking about a lot..."Could help expand our demographic" #sfs11
  122. .@Foursquare 's @evco tells #SFS11 more a/b the company's goals w/ publishers and why they can beat Facebook:
  123. .@jeffjarvis: "signal generation is the real war going on." Google, FB, Foursquare, etc. want us to generate signals about ourselves. #sfs11
  124. Day One Photos:
  125. Our flag is up on Mercer ahead of #SFS11 ...
    Our flag is up on Mercer ahead of #SFS11 ...
  126. Fwix CEO Darian Shirazi delivers his morning ...
    Fwix CEO Darian Shirazi delivers his morning ...
  127. #SFS11: "The Evolution of the Check-In"
    #SFS11: "The Evolution of the Check-In"
  128. #SFS11: Afternoon keynote speaker Ezra Kucharz ...
    #SFS11: Afternoon keynote speaker Ezra Kucharz ...
  129. #SFS11 Gramercy One CEO Josh McCarter
    #SFS11 Gramercy One CEO Josh McCarter
  130. #SFS11 IMMR President Phil Hendrix
    #SFS11 IMMR President Phil Hendrix
  131. #SFS11: "In Hyperlocal Publishing, Does Size ...
    #SFS11: "In Hyperlocal Publishing, Does Size ...
  132. #SFS11: "LBS Solutions for Publishers and Deals"
    #SFS11: "LBS Solutions for Publishers and Deals"
  133. Wednesday Morning: Yipit
  134. #SFS11: Day 2 Keynote Speaker Vin Vacanti
    #SFS11: Day 2 Keynote Speaker Vin Vacanti
  135. Yipit CEO claims Amazon, Google, Yelp deal activity and revenue are all on the _increase_ - contrary to popular perception #sfs11
  136. RT @sos100: Day Two at #sfs11 and YipIt CEO Vinicius Vacanti is walking us through the Daily Deal landscape - interesting analysis on GroupOn and others
  137. #sfs11 most industry's experience 20% growth year over year. Daily deals currently doubles every 7 months @vacanti
  138. #sfs11 Vin Vacanti: 58% of Groupon merchants run more than one.
  139. ~60% of businesses who ran a groupon ran another one, on groupon or elsewhere - interesting... #SFS11 acording to Yipit
  140. Contrary to press, @vacanti reports yelp had a big sept with their refocused approach to deals. Goog and amzn also had a good sept. #SFS11
  141. Wow. Yipit publish their deal data for all to see - get it at Cool! #sfs11 - that answers my question ...
  142. That was a considered analysis of the "deal space" by Yipit CEO; very very good; backed by real data, which is always nice. #sfs11
  143. #sfs11 summit. @yipit talking about 10% month:month growth. consumers not done with deals.
  144. Apparently it's now $8-$12 to acquire a consumer's email addy. But FB fan campaigns achieve same at lower cost, no? #SFS11
  145. Yipit exec says publishers can expect groupon etc to buy up less ad inventory on local sites. Bad for publishers in short run #sfs11
  146. Hyperlocal Convergence Panel
    Laura Rich, CEO Street Fight
    Nate Richardson, President Gilt city
    Leela De Kreyser, DNA Info Editorial Director
    Nihal Mehta, CEO LocalResponse
  147. Gilt City's Nate Richardson at #sfs11
    Gilt City's Nate Richardson at #sfs11
  148. DNA Info's Leela de Kretser and LocalResponse's
    DNA Info's Leela de Kretser and LocalResponse's
  149. Gilt City, DNA Info and LocalResponse up next at #sfs11 tailing about convergence in HyperLocal moderated by Laura Rich from Street Fight
  150. First female panelist at #sfs11. Congrats Leela de Kretser from @dnainfo
  151. Nihal Mehta, CEO of @LocalResponse: Less than 10% of merchants have some sort of web-based platform. Wow. #SFS11
  152. Nate Richardson from @giltcity says players in #dailydeal space have failed in providing a truly quality solution for local merchants #sfs11
  153. great point, @leeladek highlights how we got into #hyperlocal to serve the local merchant, and found easier to work w/bigger brands. #sfs11
  154. panel discussing how consumers are extremely sensitive about neighborhood boundaries, and stories being attributed to correct one #sfs11
  155. IKind of true & sad. Companies buy customers to target like a "human shopping cart. " Check out Blue Kai or @localresponse. #SFS11
  156. At #sfs11, coming hyperlocal convergence panel stresses "content, commerce and community" are recipe for success in the space.
  157. DNA info's Leela de Kretser: we're adamant that every single reporter who files thinks about geotagging #sfs11
  158. Location-Aware Retail 
  159. Jeremy Geiger, CEO Retailigence: We're months away from businesses competing with brands digitally on a street corner. #sfs11
  160. 90% of SMS are opened and read in under three seconds. wow, makes SMS look a lot more appealing. #sfs11
  161. #sfs11 Show of hands at Street Fight Summit: low participation in online check-in may say value-prop is low and this crowd is practical
  162. Alistair of Placecast - key is to not use check ins for anything other than broadcasting relevant info to them. AGREED. #SFS11
  163. @jwtnewyork: companies, marketers and platforms still haven't address biggest questions about the check-in. who owns virtual space? #sfs11
  164. according to this panel, I'm an exception to the norm. a woman who enjoys #lbs and checking in. must be my marketing background : ) #sfs11
  165. RT @streetfightmag: @placecast CEO: Location and time are far more predictive of intent than any other past behavior #sfs11
  166. Actually 14-65% dep on category- RT @streetfightmag: @placecast CEO: 65% of consumers on our service making purchase on regular basis #sfs11
  167. Summary of panel at Street Fight Summit: Location-Based Technology: Big Brands vs. Small Merchants
  168. Alternative to Advertising:
    St. Louis Beacon
  169. RT @HappeningsMedia: #sfs11 love this advice from St. Louis Beacon 1. Ignore everyone. 2. Focus on your unique value. 3. start small and iterate
  170. .@shawnmcginness @stlbeacon discusses how his site has deep level of engagement w/readers and puts importance on offline events #sfs11
  171. I like the revenue idea from Shawn McGuinness' St Louis Beacon. Ice cream stands are beloved in neighborhoods. #sfs11
  172. RT @dbenk: SeeClickFix biz model: Sell SAAS product, CRM. Cities buy it. Also tools for media to harvest stories. #sfs11
  173. LocalVox creates a marketplace, helping local merchants be found vs. a directory model [agreed, directory is out] - @davidpachter #sfs11
  174. Can't help but think LocalVox can play a key role in helping these sites make more money and bring local business even more value. #sfs11
  175. #localvox #SFS11 #nearsaynyc This product "creates a long & deep web presence" SEO relevance is great. Info is valued by local business.
  176. Real Estate Panel: 
    Heddings Property Group
  177. #sfs11 really enjoying insight from @nabewise...could definitely see myself using the platform if had to move
  178. @brownstoner posts are about what.s going on in the community. Focus on real estate - yes - also contextualize neighborhoods. #SFS11
  179. RT @kristinbedard: .@NabeWise provides structure to content, helping the consumer match their target neighborhood to their identity #sfs11
  180. RT @dealumpireAlex: Stats recap so far of #sfs11, see the most surprising trends yet from the conference. Thanks @streetfightmag!
  181. RT @kristinbedard: real estate professionals have a great opportunity to help consumers with a significant life event - Ann, @NabeWise #sfs11 #hyperlocal
  182. Standalone Hyperlocal Panel:
  183. Local restaurants "if we're doing a good job they should know about" local news outlets #SFS11
  184. RT @townsquarebuzz: Community involvement RT @francescapasha: Curious how these small news sites, like @ARLnowDotCom are competing with local @patch site #SFS11
  185. citizen journalism is ill-defined, but these independents report staff w/journalism backgrounds; also say collaboration is helpful #sfs11
  186. interesting hearing these independent publishers addressing trustworthiness of their content, and distinguishing content from ads #sfs11
  187. after this panel i realize that Google/Amex needs to better educate small, "mom&pop" merchants 4 more leverage w/ local sites #SFS11
  188. RT @francescaPasha: Citizen journalism & hyperlocal journ are not the same thing--came around at the same time, says Debra Galant #sfs11
  189. independent hyperlocals using flat monthly ad rates, easier 4 local merchants to understand than cpm. [media companies do this too] #sfs11
  190. merchants don't understand what #CPM is, apparently. Bad for economic growth in my opinion. #SFS11
  191. #sfs11 Deb Gallant of baristanet points out that our focus on hyperlocal misses coverage from the statehouse! Opportunity
  192. "the freelance reporter..should not be selling ads in the town they cover" conflict of interest says M.shaprio #SFS11
  193. independent hyperlocals say their integration with the communities is what sets them apart; they "walk the walk" #sfs11 #hyperlocal
  194. these panelists have strong, engaged, "addicted" local audiences and that attracts paying local advertisers #sfs11
  195. RT @townsquarebuzz: Community involvement RT @francescapasha: Curious how these small news sites, like @ARLnowDotCom are competing with local @patch site #SFS11
  196. Debra Galant, @baristanet, describes herself as "a second generation entrepreneurial journalist" #sfs11
  197. Local Experiments:
  198. Great use of @storify by RT @jeremycaplan Curation-in-Progress: 250+ #SFS11 curated tweets, fotos, etc
  199. . @citypockets data: Men buy 30% more massage & tanning vouchers (mayb buying 4 wives, GF, mistress?) #sfs11
  200. @Dealwallet found men buy tanning, massage and dental deals. Women buy deals for their kids. Anyone surprised? #sfs11.
  201. 52% of purchasers are buying from 2-3 different sites. Competition is working #sfs11
  202. .@cherylyeoh shares data: what's in a deals wallet (of a heavy #dailydeals user); men buy tanning vouchers and dental deals #sfs11
  203. Tip to @luke_stengel regarding TapIn iPad app. I won't login to an app without 1st having an anonymous experience. #sfs11
  204. Zaarly, big ambitions, started based on days' of work, In past would have required raising "like $150MM" says @bofishback of Zaarly #sfs11
  205. entertainment vouchers are redeemed quickly; 1 in 5 #dailydeal vouchers aren't redeemed prior to expiration #sfs11
  206. correction, $1.2 b of unused vouchers “@TheLuckyAnt: @citypockets as scary as it sounds I think it was billion with a B. yikes” #sfs11
  207. NYC Startups Panel

  208. Meetup is 10 years old and we're only now starting to expand beyond the major metro areas. - @michaelfives #sfs11
  209. the unique NYC culture (density, number of businesses) impacts the #lbs #hyperlocal opportunity and challenges. #sfs11
  210. " For the first time ever small business aren't afraid to use the Internet " - David Tisch, Techstars #sfs11 #dailydealmedia
  211. "NYC is a unique product, & fatigued, so would you fare better in a different market?" A: no you test where you think it's needed #sfs11
  212. Unusually vivacious @lock gives his phone #, asks for texts as he moderates NYC-cenntered panel for #sfs11
  213. Population and business density are biggest drivers for starting up hyperlocals in NYC, says @davetisch #sfs11
  214. I like how @davetisch (tech stars) & @seedstart aggressively rebutted my posit NY is more "staid", risk averse than Bay Area.#sfs11
  215. ha ha MT @streetfightmag: in NYC, yr product gets tested by journalists & fashionistas, helps make better rounded product --NYC panel #sfs11
  216. here's a list of Internet "made in NYC" companies #sfs11 (via @jeremycaplan piece on Daily)
  217. #sfs11 Aol has town by town election plans for 2012 says Mark Josephson
  218. RT @perryevans: "since when is raising money from VC's a definition of success" via @swolfgang #sfs11 [Amen!] #win
  219. Final #sfs11 panel: You have to be part of the ecosystem in order to reach that targeted audience, says CampaignGrid's Rich Masterson.
  220. Is there a business model for creating hyperlocal sites in key voting precincts? #sfs11
  221. Hyperlocal sites have MONETARY as well as RELEVANCE opportunity w Election 2012. They might use services like #sfs11
  222. Campaigns are also great content plays. We had candidates writing articles to address voter questions. #sfs11
  223. #sfs11 the ability to buy very specific hyper targeted audiences is coming to a TV near you says @richmasterson
  224. Up now: our panel "Hyperlocal and the 2012 Elections" at Street Fight Summit 2011 (82 Mercer, Broome, New York) #sfs11
  225. "Hundreds of thousands spent on our site" in prop 8 campaign tipped off @Topix to politics' role in v #sfs11