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Terrifying French Children's Books.

We live in France. They have REALLY SCARY children's books. Here are some.


  1. "...and those downed British airmen."

  2. On that subject: Grandma knew war. And THESE HUGE SCISSORS came in VERY handy 
  3. It's not a magic pig. It's just a pig. Stop doing that to the pig. It's wrong. 
  4. A Poil(s) is basically In the Scud. But what is under there? Just raw bloodied musculature, or do they go down to the bone? 
  5. "Billy No-Mates". Charlie, I think the shape of your cake may be why the other mothers are keeping their children from your birthday party 
  6. Hey, I'm sure it will come all right again and your friends will come to your party.
  7. Nope. Tit cake ruins the WHOLE THING :( .
  8. Just a perfectly normal hat. Nothing sinister to see or imagine here, move along please. 
  9. My french has completely deserted me here. Literally this means 'The Little Breaded Guy', which means it must be slang, but the 8 year old can't help me out with that either. ANYWAY, regardless. That is no way to live. 
  10. Well, how else could you possibly teach 3- 5 year olds the difference between 'big' and 'little' without drilling a hole in a child's face?  
  11. Never Go to the Library to Impress a Girl You are in Love With. Whilst I would generally say do the opposite of this advice if you want to impress girls, this does seem unappealing, sea- snake wise. Also: interesting library purchasing decision
  12. yfrog Photo : Shared by jennycolgan
    yfrog Photo : Shared by jennycolgan
  13. Although this is quite foul on first viewing, I actually rather warmed to 'The Three Brave Little Pieces of Rubbish', via the blurb (below)
  14. yfrog Photo : Shared by jennycolgan
    yfrog Photo : Shared by jennycolgan
  15. "They have nothing in common, apart from being thrown in the same bin"- and they make friends and team up to fight crime! I like to think this is the french translation of Carrie Bradshaw's Magic Cigarette series.