SXSW 2014 Millennials As Supervisors: Strategies for Success

Millennials As Supervisors. Millennials are moving into leadership positions with a desire to excel. Learn how to maximize this transition by using their strengths. See slides at link below.


  1. The Millennial generation, born between 1980-2000, is moving into manager and leadership positions rapidly with a desire to excel. They have a workplace style that is vastly different than their predecessors. Raised in a praise-based culture, college-bound since kindergarten, Millennials have been protected from failure by over-engaged parents. They have not bought into ‘climbing the corporate ladder and paying their dues’ and instead value equality over hierarchy. Millennials seek flexible schedules as well as time for personal pursuits yet they expect to make an impact immediately. They are comfortable challenging authority and the status quo and bring these values into leadership and management roles. They perform best when using their strengths; learn how focusing on strengths makes transitions into leadership and supervisory roles more successful. Understand what types of training and mentorship this generation of leaders needs to be more productive and engaged in their work.