1. Planning. Best tip I received was call you local colleges or culinary schools for cheaper desserts and food.
  2. I'm planning a wedding next June and if you feel crafty you can have craft parties with your bridesmaids to make table centerpieces, bouquets and other things with ideas from Pinterest!
  3. I am helping my Daughter plan her wedding. We are buying lots of food early, and stroing what can be stored. and PINTREST has been a HUGE help
  4. Im getting married in Ireland! It's nearly impossible to plan a wedding overseas but I LOVE the simplicity of a website where people can RSVP to our AT HOME (in Seattle) reception AS WELL as our wedding in Ireland!  www.esexauer.wix.com/erictoniewedding 
  5. The best thing I can say is reach out to family! I am so lucky to have a professional photographer(Samantha Witt) A cousin who's dad does compatition bbq a friend that DJ's and family in Leavenworth Wa!
  6. Pinterest & the knot! april 14th 2013!!!