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Using technology to organize technology


  1. A central storage server for all files in the home to be shared and organized, plus cloud storage such as Evernote and Dropbox. These things are needed even more as we try to go completely paperless, photos on all the phones, documents on phones, etc. Backing all this up is even more important. Fujitsu has a new scanner that can be operated from your iPhone and can save to your cloud storage or locally very easily. All of this makes organization easier and harder at the same time. :)
  2. It's an online and mobile application that can sync together.
  3. Create folders and group similar programs, files.
  4. with the pin-to-taskbar docking feature on Win7, i rarely even go to the no icons needed.
  5. Daily clean up, lots of folders & redirect trash straight to the trash bin automatically. Also i dont give my email address out to everybody- but you probably don't have that luxury
  6. I keep my work inbox cleaned by making certain that it is empty every night before going home. If I an unable to address an email before going home for work I will flag the email and respond in the morning. When I respond to an email I place it into a...See More
  7. I keep my desktop clear and put the icons for the programs I use all the time in the task bar.
  8. I just sent you a screen capture of my desktop - I use FENCES to keep things organized. If I double click on the desktop, these things will become invisible. Double clicking again makes them reappear. I try to keep things organized by category.