1. I love Smart Alarm. Records sound and movement while you're sleeping so it can wake you up at a time when you're not in deep sleep. Also found out I talk in my sleep...haha!!
  2. Jordan I have used Smart Alarm as well. I found out that I don't talk in my sleep but I sure do snore! Probably why I am tired all of the time.I have used Pzizz and a few others to help me relax at night and get to sleep.
  3. The sleep soundly hypnosis app on android! Works extremely well!
  4. Yes! Ambience! Great iPhone app.
  5. My husband and I use the lightning-bug app every night. You can customize it to the sounds that relax you. Rain, wind, white noise, thunder, dishwasher, dryer, dogs barking, grandfather clock.. I can't sleep without it.
  6. I use one clef Sleep Pillow. Various relaxing sounds. Also a pillow speaker and listen to podcasts too