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Organize Your Life Advice


  1. I remember using a day planner and how thick it was with all of my calendars and my address book and my note pad and notes from different projects. Whew glad all of those things are now wrapped up in my mobile device.
  2. I am very old fashioned I guess because I just write it all on my paper 12 month calendar. Keep the calendars year after year.. makes a great diary and fun to sit and look through years later!
  3. Any.DO an iPhone App I love. It is a to do list that can be broken down with or without alarms by date & time due or by categories/folders
  4. I manage my appointments and grocery lists in my phone. There are a lot of apps on the market, but the best one is just the Reminders app on my iPhone. Also, the UFYH app is really good to help me keep my house clean. The cleaning mini challenges are great.
  5. Only one. Google calendar since it syncs with my phone. I would be lost without it.
  6. Outlook, OneNote and Hootsuite
  7. Evernote, Dropbox,, Evernote Hello, Docusign, Mint, Orchestra, Lastpass
  8. Any.DO, LastPass, OneNote, Evernote and ;) the new *hugsicle* Finder app...
  9. This is a good "to do list" app: - Also would be lost without LastPass and my grocery list apps. Calendar and email apps on 'droids goes without saying.