Archiving Community Storytelling: Challenges and Opportunities: - Archive of social media & event content #digarchive

As part of Digital Commonwealth, the University of the West of Scotland, played host to an event for practitioners, academics and activists to explore the issues, opportunities and challenges of archiving community-based storytelling in the digital age. This is a record of content produced on day.


  1. Digital Storytelling through social media allows people to shape and develop their own stories on the internet, using free and accessible digital and mobile tools. However, publishing and generating content through these interactive, 3rd party environments often generates questions of ownership, context and technical ability to ensure that community-generated or co-created stories are archived sensitively for future generations.

    The Digital Commonwealth project ( wanted to gather together individuals, organisations or projects interested in the issue of archiving digital content for a dedicated symposium to identify the main opportunities and challenges, share good practice and collaboratively generate solutions. The programme for the day covers technical, legal/ethical and practice components and includes opportunities for interactive discussion throughout.

    This event was targeted towards those involved in community media, third sector organisations using digital and social media to represent their users, community organisations and academics interested in archiving, digital storytelling and community-based research.
    Hashtag: #digarchive
  2. Schedule and event outline:
  3. Setting up for #digarchive tomorrow @uniwestscotland - excellent bunch of speakers lined up. 馃榾
    Setting up for #digarchive tomorrow @uniwestscotland - excellent bunch of speakers lined up. 馃榾
  4. Paisley - and it's sunny! #digarchive #UWS #workshop #DigitalCommonwealth
    Paisley - and it's sunny! #digarchive #UWS #workshop #DigitalCommonwealth
  5. Hiding at the back of #digarchive with @lirazelf
    Hiding at the back of #digarchive with @lirazelf
  6. Introduction to the event by Prof. David McGillivray and myself.