Teachers Offer Ed Tech Advice

How can teachers shape - and best use - technology in the classroom? Participants in this month's #teaching2030 chat offer some insightful thoughts for the ed tech community.


  1. A faithful crowd gathers on Twitter for one hour every third Thursday of the month at 8:30 ET to deeply explore persistent issues in education.  Following the hashtag #teaching2030, participants gather last week to discuss the need for teacher involvement in ed tech developments as well as more strategic thinking in the use of technology in today's classrooms. The chat is hosted by @teachingquality and co-facilitated by @JenniferBarnett and @auntshan. Here are a few highlights from this month's chat.
  2. Q1: As a consumer of ed tech products, what idea would you whisper in a developer’s ear? #teaching2030

  3. Q1a: Imagine your classroom in 10 yrs. What are the game changers – tech that might help you solve challenge in the classroom? #teaching2030
  4. Q2: What advice do you have for those responsible for making purchases at school, district or state level? #teaching2030

  5. Q3: What role do you envision teachers playing in the ed tech industry? #teaching2030

  6. Q4: How do we address the issue of equity with regards to ed tech’s availability and implementation? #teaching2030