Royal Wedding Girl

I barely paid attention to the Royal Wedding, but the meme of three-year-old Grace van Cutsem caught my attention. I thought it would be fun to share the many ways Photoshop geeks played with her picture.


  1. NPR has declared this the best photo from the wedding:
  2. I first noticed little Grace thanks to my friend Zara Arboleda
  3. BuzzFeed led the charge Friday morning and challenged its readers to Photoshop their own images from the now famous photo. Scroll past the photo to see almost 200 photos. So many fun images:
  4. I found many folks beyond BuzzFeed talking about Grace's picture... tipped me off on a great Tumblr site.
  5. The Know Your Meme site credits @AndrewSpearin for starting the meme and #RoyalWeddingGirl hashtag.
  6. Of course someone started a Twitter account in her honor:
  7. Even the Today Show got into the action.
  8. Let the caption contests begin!!
  9. Many sites jumped to action to help tell us a little information about Grace: 
  10. The front pages in London... I found @suttonnick share most of them. I love how the Daily Mirror chose to keep Grace in the photo.