Reeves Tailgate - Mizzou vs. Vanderbilt

Get ready... Our tailgate is back!

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  1. Remember this location? Here's where you'll find out tailgate. To get more specific details, click on the blue dot or visit this link.
  2. Our tailgates are super exciting... here are the kids to prove it:
  3. When you look up the hill at the curve of Virginia Avenue, you'll see us at the top with a set up like this:
    (Sometimes crowds pile in on the hill in front of us... I promise. We'll be there!)
  4. Mizzou vs. Arizona State University
  5. So far, the food has been awesome. Nicole approves of it. (So does Jordan.)
  6. Mizzou vs. Arizona State University
  7. Sometimes other tailgates share their yummy food.
  8. Mizzou vs. Arizona State University
  9. We bought a new Nerf football to enjoy during the tailgate. You know you don't want to miss out on that.
  10. Mizzou vs. Arizona State University
  11. On the menu this week:
    Randy's Rockin' CHILI!! (This picture kind of looks like what he creates. But you'll see more beef and fewer beans.)
  12. Made a gigantic pot of chili for the 4th. All the heartburn.
  13. Hot chocolate!!
  14. This is the best hot chocolate I've had.
  15. Spiced cider! (And adult beverage that pair well together.)
  16. hot apple cider with spiced rum
  17. Bundle up! It'll be cold out there... but we can't wait to see you!
  18. It was cold... So we bundled up to be sure to enjoy it all.
  19. The chili was AWESOME.
  20. And yes... It was cold.