Tips for Sharing Content on LinkedIn

  1. What do you like about using LinkedIn for content marketing?

  2. I think the best way to share on LinkedIn is to share other people's content the majority of the time #contentchat
  3. A1. People who come to our site from LinkedIn stay long and read deep. #contentchat
  4. @ECWseo Yes! You are right. There's a different kind of engagement coming from the LinkedIn folks. #ContentChat
  5. A1. LinkedIn is great because you can publish, repost older content, build relationships w/ influencers, & find specific groups #contentchat
  6. A1 The sheer amount of great articles that are written on Pulse! It is a goldmine! #ContentChat
  7. A1. I like the more professional tone of LinkedIn for content marketing - it works well for reports/ stats #ContentChat @SmarterShft
  8. A1. I enjoyed engaging with potential employees when managing a Linkedin company page #ContentChat
  9. A1 - LinkedIn mail has been a very useful tool for gathering info and connecting w/ folks. #ContentChat
  10. A1: Big fan of @LinkedIn publishing and general content sharing as a whole. I try to share one piece a day. #contentchat
  11. A1: In working with @LinkedIn University - I also love the way LinkedIn University is trying to better connect w/ students #contentchat
  12. @ChaimShapiro The ability of @LinkedIn University to help search schools, ect - is immensely beneficial though. We agree there. #contentchat
  13. A1 I love that you can see work (SlideShares & videos) on people's profiles. Makes it much more interactive & dynamic #ContentChat
  14. @lifeofaworkgirl Yes - my biggest hope is @SlideShare updates so you can upload Keynote files there. #contentchat
  15. A1: Unlike blogs or websites where you have to build a following, on LI your contacts and network is already established #ContentChat
  16. What LinkedIn tools do you make use of on a regular basis and why?

  17. A2. Hmm. We probably don't use LinkedIn tools as much as we could. Interested to hear what others use! #contentchat
  18. A2 - I post in niche groups on a regular basis. Useful info and then some promoting my client's events & blog posts. #ContentChat
  19. A2. Generally don't use specific tools over others within the platform - any recommendations? #ContentChat
  20. A2: LI is a great tool for finding job candidates and learning more about them before you bring them in/meet them in person #ContentChat
  21. A2 - I also post in my client's group several times a week - again useful info to our target audience. #ContentChat
  22. A2 - Also post once every weekday on my client's company page. Again, info useful to our audience mixed w/ more promotional #ContentChat
  23. @SmarterShft Are there strict rules we should be aware of before posting in a niche group? Or etiquette? #contentchat
  24. @ECWseo Each group has it's own rules. In general, avoid promotional posts in discussions. Use promotions category for those. #ContentChat
  25. A2: I use to post in groups much more - but I've lacked consistency - I am focused on sharing content multiple times a week tho #contentchat
  26. A2. I choose to use the Publishing platform because it allows me to showcase expertise. Need to get back to it. #ContentChat
  27. @chevd80 Do you share stuff that you've written somewhere else there? One thing I've tried here or there. #contentchat
  28. @CBarrows Yes, I always repurpose from my website to LinkedIn because the platform is really not ours. You own your content #ContentChat
  29. re: LI tools: I like the "Keep in Touch" function - to see what is going on with my connections. Congratulate, reach out, etc. #contentchat
  30. @AcornActions @CBarrows @SmarterShft @ECWseo I feel like most people on social media ignore "do not excessively self-promote" #contentchat
  31. @AcornActions If I find a group like that, I honestly leave. I'm super picky about where I'm active. @SmarterShft @ECWseo #contentchat
  32. @AcornActions @CBarrows @ECWseo On LI most people don't. Most get that you could be kicked out of a group for 2 much promoting #ContentChat
  33. Do you use LinkedIn for personal branding? How?

  34. A3 Yes! Linkedin is like an interactive resume. You have a chance to share your story, your work & passion. #ContentChat
  35. A3 - For me personal branding on LI is mainly about keeping my profile filled out and up to date. #ContentChat
  36. A3. Yes. More than building contacts though, I try to interact w/ influencers & groups, & publish industry relevant content #contentchat
  37. A3 - Too many LI users don't include a picture. I think that's very important for personal branding. #ContentChat
  38. A3 Also a great opportunity to connect with others by sharing their work & contributing to discussions #ContentChat
  39. A3: Many of our employees keep their profiles up-to-date and some of them will post industry news with personal insights #ContentChat
  40. @methodcom Sounds like you have a good system of employee advocacy on LinkedIn. So helpful! #ContentChat
  41. A3 – LinkedIn provides a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your personal brand through content posts & articles. #ContentChat
  42. A3. Yes, I use LinkedIn for personal branding. I showcase all of the work from other companies to showcase my expertise. #ContentChat
  43. Does anyone else wish that Linkedin would create some kind of analytics report? I'd love to see best time to post/engagement #ContentChat
  44. @lifeofaworkgirl Company pages have some analytics. Profiles show when people have viewed yours - I think that's premium, tho. #ContentChat
  45. @SmarterShft I do like knowing who has checked out my profile. But it would be great to see analytics for individual profiles #ContentChat
  46. @lifeofaworkgirl Very true. Also ability to schedule posts on #LinkedIn can be crucially important. #ContentChat .
  47. A3. Also, you should have a professional photo on your LinkedIn profile. #ContentChat
  48. @SmarterShft A3: You are always your own brand, regardless of the environment, but LinkedIn is where you pull it all together. #ContentChat
  49. What does LinkedIn offer that other social media platforms don't?

  50. A4 LinkedIn offers professional credibility. Other platforms are more personal/social. LI is more focused. #ContentChat
  51. A4. LinkedIn gives u the opportunity to interact with the CEOs, mid level executives and others who are decision makers in firm #ContentChat
  52. A4 Professionalism and a more formal approach - great for if you prefer that tone for work and career. #ContentChat @SmarterShft
  53. A4. Also when you publish on the LinkedIn publishing platform, you gain followers if your content is great. #ContentChat
  54. A4: LI offers a specific professional focus & gives users the opportunity to create long form content that's easily shared #ContentChat
  55. A4 Reach out to professionals in your field that are scattered across the globe. Learn from others & contribute to ur industry #ContentChat
  56. A4 - ALSO the ability to network with others in your field, for your own career advancement. #ContentChat
  57. A4: The most unique thing LinkedIn offers is a network in which a professional focus truly brings opportunity/results. #contentchat
  58. @SmarterShft A4: (premium) platform which shows how you compare to your direct competition. Highlights needs for improvement. #ContentChat
  59. A4: Networking is not unique to LinkedIn, but the power of it's network is immense - the most powerful professional network. #contentchat
  60. A4 - ALSO, it seems I get MORE visit to my website from LinkedIn posts, than from other platforms. #ContentChat
  61. My experience is LinkedIn is networking for networking's sake. Other channels are more relationship building. #ContentChat
  62. @martinlieberman, that's a good point about networking and relationship building. They each have their purpose. #contentchat
  63. @moxys Like @SmarterShft says, it's more "to the point." Less socializing. Everyone knows why they're there. #ContentChat
  64. @martinlieberman Well put. Trying to build relationships through LinkedIn is challenging. #ContentChat
  65. A4. The opportunity to write articles, which can be very beneficial. #contentchat
  66. A4: Let's face it - most people's personal blogs get how many looks? Linkedin Publisher = reach and opportunity. #contentchat
  67. A4 – LinkedIn offers a level of professionalism that doesn't exist on other platforms. #ContentChat
  68. What are some of the pitfalls to avid when using LinkedIn for content marketing?

  69. A5. Avoid spamming people in the groups you are a part of and do not self-promote too much. 80% sharing others' content #ContentChat
  70. A5: It's important to not be too self serving and share content your network will care about and resinate with. #ContentChat
  71. @SmarterShft A5: Sharing sill/fun/unprofessional types of content. Possible on other platforms, not LinkedIn. #ContentChat
  72. A5 There's nothing wrong with showing that you have a personality & being down to earth but still keep it professional. #ContentChat
  73. @SmarterShft A5: Educate yourself on what content is being out and stray from it entirely. LinkedIn users respect originality. #ContentChat
  74. @lifeofaworkgirl Remember, not every industry is the same. Your profile may look different than someone in a different field. #contentchat
  75. @lifeofaworkgirl Totally agree. Personality is what separates you from everyone else out there! #H2H #ContentChat
  76. @lifeofaworkgirl I agree. A little personality can help people to warm up to you. Important for networking. #ContentChat
  77. A5 - Read rules and follow them when interacting in groups. DON"T spam on InMail. That drives me crazy! #ContentChat
  78. A5. Responding negatively to criticism and/or being unprofessional. You can say the same for all the social networks though. #contentchat
  79. @ECWseo Yes! Criticism is a great opportunity to show professionalism. Don't take things personally. #ContentChat
  80. @moxys I'd say that criticism is needed by all. Anyone who succeeds can take it and use it. @SmarterShft @ECWseo #contentchat
  81. @moxys @SmarterShft @ECWseo It's hard to say "don't take things personally" when it comes to work. Work IS personal! #ContentChat
  82. @martinlieberman no one does things the same. Always opportunity to learn from others, improve or see different perspectives #contentchat
  83. A5. Automated messages (or messages that come out of nowhere and aren't personalized). Spammy. #ContentChat
  84. A5 - Careful about posting one post on too many groups. Even if not promotional, it can send a red flag. #ContentChat
  85. How can people learn more about using LinkedIn for content marketing?

  86. Q6 - My favorite LinkedIn expert is @NealSchaffer - I've been reading his stuff for years. #ContentChat
  87. A6 – Try it out. There is no better teacher than experience! #ContentChat
  88. A6 - I also learn a lot just be following other people's posts on LinkedIn #ContentChat
  89. A6. Hmm, well, personally I learn by trial and error, so my answer is go on LinkedIn and play with it! #contentchat
  90. That's the best way to learn. It's okay to make a mistake as long as you learn from it. Be bold! #ContentChat 
  91. Final thoughts, questions, takeaways

  92. A6 - Look to the pros for what seems to work & what doesn't, then try it for yourself! You cannot learn only by observation. #ContentChat
  93. A7 Use Linkedin to your advantage & don't let your profile collect dust! Keep it up to date and engaging #ContentChat
  94. A7. When you use paid ads on LinkedIn, make sure you turn them off, otherwise it gets expensive fast! Learned the hard way :/ #contentchat
  95. A7. Try to join relevant groups that is important to your industry. Minimum five. You want to build strong relationships #LI #ContentChat
  96. A7 - LinkedIn is an important tool for EVERY content marketer to use, whether on behalf of clients or for personal branding. #ContentChat
  97. A7 - Don't be afraid to try new #socialmedia channels. Start today, not tomorrow. Learn and grow by doing. Then show others. #ContentChat
  98. @SmarterShft LI Formula: Strong network + valuable connections + profile that is an extension of yourself = positive results. #ContentChat
  99. A7: Our final thought is that LinkedIn is a tool made to demonstrate proficiency and initiative in careers. Use it accordingly. #ContentChat