Tips for Creating Evergreen Content

  1. Why should content marketers include evergreen content in their content marketing strategy?

  2. A1: if you only blog/write "news"/trends content, you'll not be thought of past the expiration date. #ContentChat 
  3. A1. Evergreen content has higher ROI, w/less time invested because it can be used effectively throughout a campaign cycle #contentchat
  4. A1: Evergreen content can be useful (for planning and your audience) tell a story and provide consistent value. #contentchat
  5. A1). It's a gold mine for brands with limited resources. It's invaluable for SEO and it's great content for social #contentchat
  6. A1: Evergreen content is timeless. It will always attract readers and it helps build brand trust. #contentchat
  7. A1: Also, well-designed ever-green content has no expiration date. #contentchat
  8. A1-Evergreen content allows brands to become identifiable and shared by consumers throughout various Social Media channels #ContentChat
  9. A1 Evergreen content shows you can think ahead of the curve, as well as produce original ideas. You're not just a follower. #contentchat
  10. A1 @JeniseFryatt Share evergreen content to increase brand awareness, build an audience and capture qualified leads #contentchat
  11. A1: It's always a good idea to have content that works at any time, especially if you're in a pinch! #contentchat
  12. A1: Several reasons, you will use it over & over again, allows for strong message and branding. SEO, builds trust #ContentChat
  13. A1 Your top-line messages shouldn't change that much. Any post that ties into those, with minor tweaks for freshness, is good. #ContentChat
  14. A1: Evergreen content helps us save a little time, build up our accounts with valuable information while we create new. #contentchat
  15. A1 evergreen content is often what we're searching for, and is a great way to introduce yourself to your audience. #ContentChat
  16. A1) A great bookmarked post that's referred to often can drive traffic to other pages on the site #ContentChat
  17. A1: it can't hurt to have some content that doesn't expire to supplement news & current trends #contentchat
  18. A1 Evergreen content provides more diversity for readers. Something that can be reffered back to. Builds your SEO & brand image #ContentChat
  19. A1. As your community grows, it helps to have evergreen content to drive them to your other outlets such as blogs/websites #contentchat
  20. A1: Additionally, as effective as campaigns can be, only being campaign-based is counterproductive for a brand. #ContentChat
  21. A1 – To keeps your readers looped in to your business - evergreen content is crucial from an SEO standpoint #contentchat
  22. A1: Evergreen content is essentially your “authority” on a topic. #contentchat
  23. A1p2: The point has been made, but its a good one-evergreen content allows you to promote again&again & become a trusted source #contentchat
  24. What defines quality evergreen content?

  25. A2: Content that is relevant regardless of when the user reads it. #ContentChat
  26. A2: It will be relevant many years after it is published. #contentchat
  27. A2 Quality evergreen content has information that’s still useful+relevant 6 months or even 3 years after it’s created. #ContentChat
  28. A2: Timeless, reliable, and shareable content that can be reused again and again. Of many other definitions. #contentchat
  29. A2: Content that doesn't age and provides value to your audience. Unlike some people think, it's not "throwaway" content #contentchat
  30. A2: Content that works whenever, wherever, however. A wonderful foundation for your content AND your brand. #ContentChat
  31. A2: Quality evergreen content, is timeless, it clearly tells a story and can be shared anytime any platform #ContentChat
  32. A2-Content that has the capability of becoming someone's professional guidelines for present and future success #ContentChat
  33. A2) It's only quality if your audience says so through consistent engagement and feedback. #contentchat
  34. A2: evergreen content = content that stays relevant and fresh for viewers/readers #contentchat
  35. A2: EC = content that's always relevant. QUALITY EG = content people want to link to as a resource. #ContentChat 
  36. A2. Cast a wide audience net with the content. Generalist reach retains "evergreen" characteristics. #contentchat
  37. A2. Remains relevant, Relatable voice, Easy to read and has sharing potential. #contentchat
  38. A2. Subject that's relevant to your audience overtime + aspects that make great content: Story, visual, useful, easy to read #contentchat
  39. A2. Content that doesn't have an expiration date, and can be recycled later down the line #contentchat
  40. A2 Quality evergreen content is content that can be used at any time and still be engaging towards your audience #contentchat
  41. A2 @JeniseFryatt Quality evergreen content is targeted, provides traffic over time & positions your brand as an expert #contentchat
  42. A2: Evergreen content retains its authority, relevancy and “teaching” ability through the ever changing landscape. #contentchat
  43. A2 - Content that is sustainable and lasting not focused on a time-sensitive topic #contentchat
  44. A2 Content that is relevant for long periods of time. The audience has to be gaining up-to-date info that helps them progress #ContentChat
  45. Q2 Evergreen content works throughout the year. Despite its name, no Christmas or holiday references in July. #contentchat
  46. A2 - Content that remains relevant long past its publication date. #contentchat
  47. A2) Evergreen content is only relevant, useful as long as your audience sees it. #contentchat
  48. A2. Quality evergreen content never needs a refresher and can always stay the same. Lots of lists. Who doesn't love lists? #contentchat
  49. What are some basic evergreen content opportunities content marketers often miss?

  50. A3 I’d like to see more meaty how to’s with example templates/formats. They have staying power. #ContentChat
  51. A2 Tools& resource lists can be the greatest types of evergreen content! Directing people to quality sources builds credibility #ContentChat
  52. A3: Guides: how-to; or beginner's tend to work well. Case studies, definitions and the like. #ContentChat
  53. A3: As long as it's not tied to something that could change (obvs), "How To" type articles are good. #ContentChat 
  54. A3) It's simple. You're basic evergreen content opportunities come from your audiences needs. Ask them and ask them again. #contentchat
  55. A3. News-jumping/Curating instead of writing about a popular topic. Not thinking ahead in terms of trends & formats #contentchat
  56. A3. Marketing tool reviews. although your timeline may be oversaturated, your personal insight on these r important #contentchat
  57. A3: Many miss out on the easiest, simplest; their FAQs! Answers to these are great starting points. #contentchat
  58. A3 @JeniseFryatt Marketers may miss multiple opportunities to acquire leads throughout the entire conversion funnel #contentchat
  59. A3 - The "About" page on your blog is an important place for evergreen content, not to be taken lightly. #contentchat
  60. A3: Events that happen on a yearly basis that you can talk about in general (not just "__" event, specific year (ex/ Lolla '15) #contentchat
  61. Q3 Unless you're well versed in your content, you might miss the chance to tie your services into current news or hot topics. #contentchat
  62. Q3: I find many ppl miss the mark on videos. How-to tutorials are a crowd favorite that can be used in countless industries #contentchat
  63. A3: Storytelling is timeless to me. What stories can you tell? Origin stories, for example. #contentchat
  64. A3: Creating general content is a great way to make it evergreen, appealing to a niche market makes it much harder. #contentchat
  65. A3: This may be blasphemous, but more long form content that teaches or guides; think “how-to” but in-depth. #contentchat
  66. A3. Using relevant media to produce lists or guides, such as "how to's" #contentchat
  67. A3-Publishing content and letting it slip into the dark corners of the Internet...Revisit your ideas and make them Evergreen! #ContentChat
  68. A3: I agree that "about" pages are often missed, as well as FAQs. #contentchat
  69. IMPORTANT to know! RT @MaddyOsman @CBarrows @SFerika "How to" is the most frequent start of a search query on Google #seo #contentchat
  70. A3 Speculative content would be great. I love to see peoples opinions rather than just reading lists e.g the future of blogging #ContentChat
  71. A3 Look at trending topics or hashtags and think how they tie into your everyday products and services. Then jump on it. #contentchat
  72. A3 -Writing on topics that your audiences care about! @Zoomph does a great job of giving you this info #contentchat
  73. A3 @JeniseFryatt Mapping out a consistent plan including keyword research. Answering the questions readers are searching for! #contentchat
  74. A3- Also, content on FAQ's and industry jargon is often ignored but can be a very important piece of evergreen content #contentchat
  75. @Yogita_M industry jargon is definitely a great one. Many miss that as well. #contentchat
  76. Oh wow! That's a great idea! Industry jargon would be a perfect topic. Thanks @Yogita_M #contentchat
  77. @HeroicSearch @Yogita_M Doing individual posts explaining in clear language what a term means should earn points from readers. #contentchat
  78. A3 The comments section of a blog page. Any Qs asked may be a great opportunity to improve or create additional content #ContentChat
  79. If you use your Q&A's as a source, be sure to do a post on one Q&A at a time to retain focus and not overwhelm the reader. #contentchat
  80. What are the pitfalls to avoid when seeking to create evergreen content?

  81. A4 Make sure you pick a topic with staying power, not just a hot topic everyone is talking about today. #ContentChat
  82. A4 - Make sure your evergreen content passes the "timeless" test. It shouldn't be about current events. #contentchat
  83. A4. Remembering 2think Green. Staying relevantafter publishing vs commenting on latest in SM news #contentchat 
  84. A4: News/trends, online data (i.e., % of people using apps), basically anything irrelevant in 3-6 mos #ContentChat 
  85. A4. Too narrow a focus... Drive clarity of topic, subject matter, voice w/o demanding subject matter expertise from audience. #contentchat
  86. A4 - Evergreen content should provide value...possibly enticing your audience to return again and again. #contentchat
  87. A4: Link bait, fluff pieces, it needs to be on trend not trendy #ContentChat
  88. A4. Don't jump a trending tag, or include too many timely statistics. Focus on strong concepts/techniques that'll hold up #contentchat
  89. A4. When creating evergreen content, one may think too much. Think simple. What article would you want to read? #contentchat
  90. A4: Not enough research or planning. You need to know what your audience will see as relevant for a long time to come. #contentchat
  91. A4 - Writing on topics that have heavily discussed! Remember, we're catering to an ADD generation - repurpose but keep it fresh #contentchat
  92. A4 Not listening to what your audience is saying or doing. They aren't engaging, figure out why & move on. Learn from failure. #contentchat
  93. A4: Link bait is bad..mmm, yeah, don't do link bait. Mmmkay? #contentchat
  94. A4 @JeniseFryatt Always match your customer persona/avatar with the right targeted message & content to meet their needs. #contentchat
  95. A4 Repetition. There are loads of great topics to choose from! Some make sure there's some diveristy #ContentChat
  96. A4 - Writing information that will be relevant forever, but no one cares about or is common sense #ContentChat
  97. A4. When all else fails, evergreen content must #CreateValue for a broader audience. #contentchat
  98. A4 It's as simple as looking at your google and social analytics. #contentchat
  99. A4-Don't lose uniqueness! Keeping your audience's attn with fresh ideas will allow them revisit and make your content evergreen #ContentChat
  100. A4 Don't try to write too broad or too long, thinking this is your be-all, end-all evergreen post. #contentchat
  101. A4: Assuming you know what your audience wants. Make sure your content is making your customers smarter. Avoid self-promotion. #ContentChat
  102. A4 - Also, many a times content is re-purposed and re-shared but has outdated & broken links in it! Drives people away! #contentchat
  103. A4: Avoid being too broad and generic. Complete thoughts and use examples. #contentchat
  104. Sidebar: content pushing your product doesn't count as valuable evergreen content. And not just b/c your specs change. ;) #ContentChat
  105. A4 Always great to write for beginners. That makes the content more accessible for the audience #ContentChat
  106. A4: use unique examples! That is your chance to differentiate and tell a timeless story #contentchat
  107. A4. Producing evergreen content that wont engage your audience, make sure what you give them is what they want #contentchat
  108. A4 Yes! Always think variety. There'll be stories that need to be covered in the moment. Balance whats needed now w. future use #contentchat
  109. Can you have too much evergreen content in your content marketing? Why or why not?

  110. A5: Yes - you need to be in the moment as well - share stories and excitement in the moment with your audience. #contentchat
  111. A5: Good question. I'd probably have to say yes, only because people need new information, and that isn't always evergreen. #contentchat
  112. A5 Evergreen content should be the base of your content library, but you also want some timely items for repeat visitors. #ContentChat
  113. A5. May miss opportunities to get caught up in the #zeitgeist with too high an evergreen content % of the total content mix. #contentchat
  114. A5: Too much evergreen content? Can one be too relevant? Can one provide too much helpful information? Can I be too happy? #ContentChat
  115. A5 - I don't believe 100% of your content should be evergreen. You need to show you are aware of changes, the real world, etc. #contentchat
  116. A5: Maybe not too much, but make sure you continue to produce new & relevant content, too. Timely content drives traffic. #ContentChat
  117. A5. Yes & here's why: if ur content is 2 broad it can be boring/unprofessional. ur community is also there 4 u! share specifics #contentchat
  118. A5: Fine line- you can go too far one way or the others. The key is always listen to your audience and check the data. #contentchat
  119. A5) If it's keeping you from creating timely, relevant content b/c you're too focused on EG, that's a problem #ContentChat
  120. A5: Yes. Evergreen content is timeless, but having current content is also important. It show you are up to date. #contentchat
  121. A5) Like @CBarrows said: You need to be in the moment too. Evergreen content gives you time. Use it to create real-time content #contentchat
  122. A5. You can definitely have too much evergreen content. Then you're just a content hub. Need to talk about product + mission #contentchat
  123. Q5: Nope, never ever can you have to much evergreen content. It's needed to establish the base #ContentChat
  124. A5b. What about your career can you provide professional insight on? These blurbs give you a face in the social media noise #contentchat
  125. A5 @JeniseFryatt Follow the 80/20 rule. Produce 80% evergreen, and 20% timely content. #contentchat
  126. A5 - Evergreen content has somewhat of a ‘generic’ tone – you cant have too much of that in your content strategy #contentchat
  127. A5: Consistent evergreen content keeps building authority after current content fades. #contentchat
  128. A5: Yes. Too many dates prior to today, this week, this month, this year is a bounce trigger for some people. #ContentChat
  129. A5-Publish a healthy mix of content that touches current issues as well as generalized ideas that can challenge future problems #ContentChat
  130. A5. If EG content causes you to stop making relevant, timely content or spamming your community w/old, stale content–yes. #contentchat
  131. A5. In short, I think I'm saying evergreen content seldom equals news. If you need to be newsworthy, this is a challenge. #contentchat
  132. A5 Ideally have a lot of material to pull from. That doesn't mean you need to have it visible all at once on your site. #contentchat
  133. A5 - When you decide to serve the same dish to someone for the 2nd or 3rd time, make sure you at least present it differently #contentchat
  134. A5: Evergreen content can be too generic and boring for those that have already read it, you need timely items to entice, too. #contentchat
  135. A5 If you create a balance of both you'll attract a wider audience. Remember you need to provide them with valuable info #contentchat
  136. Please give examples of brand who are creating quality evergreen content.

  137. A5 Brands include GEICO, Progressive, Budweiser, Wendy's, DirectTV (both Rob Lowe and Horse), Snickers. #contentchat
  138. A5-Callaway provides great evergreen content on trajectory analysis, swing and control tips...Past knowledge is king with golf #ContentChat
  139. A5 - Personally, I admire the way @HuffingtonPost writes their evergreen content pieces - makes me click on it each time! #contentchat
  140. A6: hands down @HubSpot has some of the of best evergreen content #contentchat
  141. A6. GEICO... Great example of evergreen content produced at an ASTRONOMICAL COST. #BalanceSheetOuchies #contentchat
  142. A6 Twitter chats are an awesome source of evergreen content. Content for the community, from the community! #contentchat
  143. A6) I'm constantly going back to @munchies site and watching their old videos. Thier EG content is top notch. #contentchat
  144. A6: @kevanlee and @courtneyseiter at @buffer create some great EG content, mixed with up to date research. #ContentChat
  145. A7: @Econsultancy. And I'm not just saying that I was a contributor once upon a time. #ContentChat
  146. A6 check out resources from @HubSpot @curata @MarketingProfs -- lots of great evergreen content examples. #ContentChat
  147. How can people learn more about creating effective evergreen content?

  148. A7 Listen to the readers. They will tell you exactly what they need both long term & short term. #contentchat
  149. A7) Identify the brands you follow and the reasons why. Learn from what they are doing and "steal" their ideas. #contentchat
  150. A7: Check out what experts in your industry are doing. What type of content already resonates for you? #ContentChat 
  151. A7) Same way as getting better at creating ANY kind of content. READ a ton of EG content #ContentChat
  152. A6 - the best way to learn how to write EGC is to look at examples. I constantly follow the brands I admire and pick up cues #contentchat
  153. A7: Check out your favorite EG content from others and discover why you love it, see if you can replicate. #contentchat
  154. A7: Through evergreen content about evergreen content. #contentchat
  155. A7 Watch what other people do in creating and using evergreen content. Also check into #contentchat. (Shameless evergreen suck-up)
  156. A7: Taking time to research, ask questions, & interact with readers. Then formulate a plan for topics/schedule. #contentchat
  157. A7-Read this Twitter Chat! Everyone is providing great insight and tips on evergreen content #ContentChat
  158. A7) Learn from your newsfeed and @twitter stream. Recognize evergreen content that catches your eye and makes you interact. #contentchat
  159. A7: Watch what the people you like do. Localize it. Co-opt strategies. Do it better. Find the niche they haven't filled. #ContentChat
  160. A7. By knowing your intentions and desired outcomes for your evergreen content BEFORE you start trying to create it. #contentchat
  161. Final thoughts, questions, takeaways.

  162. One caveat. We even try to keep evergreen content fresh = Review & refresh schedule to remain relevant #ContentChat 
  163. Evergreen content is important to any strategy, and taking the time to develop it is consuming, but totally worth the effort. #contentchat