The Nuts & Bolts of Starting a Podcast

  1. What kind of expertise do you need to produce a podcast? How hard is it to learn?

  2. A1a: You’ll need to wear a lot of hats if you’re a one-person podcast! So I have quite a few answers to Q1. #ContentChat
  3. A1b: Basic audio recording/editing skills, interviewing best practices, how to keep content interesting for audience #ContentChat
  4. A1c: You’ve got to have passion in your topic in order to produce a successful, engaging podcast #ContentChat
  5. A1e: Know how to engage your audience and retrofit promo content to the social nets where they are #ContentChat
  6. A1g: Know how to interpret analytics, feedback so you know you’re offering content your audience wants/needs #ContentChat
  7. A1. I think you need to know how to produce your podcast, interview guests and also listening to them well. #ContentChat
  8. A1: While I am not experienced in this subject, I cannot listen to a podcast that sounds like it's in a wind tunnel. #ContentChat
  9. Listeners do enjoy buddycasts but sometimes 1 host can provide lots of passion. It all depends on you. Both work :) #ContentChat
  10. A1. It depends on what you want out of your podcast. If you have more people as host, it helps. #ContentChat
  11. A1 I think a lot depends on- do you have something to say that cannot be said in other forms of content... #contentchat
  12. A1 or, are you trying to reach a segment of your audience that can't find your content elsewhere-ex I never listen 2 podcasts #contentchat
  13. Podcast Basics: Have audio recording/editing skills, interviewing best practices, keep content interesting - MT @danielerossi #ContentChat
  14. A1 I found it takes a lot of patience - especially setting up the technical side of things. #contentchat
  15. A1. Also if your are starting out with your podcast, do not go after the A-listers because they will not take interest at first #ContentChat
  16. A1 Be passionate about the subject - your tone of voice will say so much & can affect the way your audience digests the info #contentchat
  17. A1. It is important to start interviewing people you know personally and who have developed a strong friendship with you. #ContentChat
  18. A1: I think research and asking the right questions can make/break a podcast interview. I always write a list in advance #contentchat
  19. A1 A quiet, noise free room would be a good place to start lol you don't want any outside distractions #contentchat
  20. @SmarterShft @danielerossi interesting to know non financial costs also, e.g. time management for all the different activities #ContentChat
  21. @jacobhenenberg @SmarterShft Great Q! U need to consider the time spent on prepping, posting, cre8ing visuals, re-recording :/ #ContentChat
  22. @terrencelomax A2. My guess is that if you want to go professional like making it a business, then it might be around 1,000 #ContentChat
  23. What type of equipment do you need and how much does it cost to launch a new podcast?

  24. A2a: There are many different ways to record a podcast. Sometimes I use the Voice Memo app on my iPhone. #ContentChat
  25. A2b: On my desktop, I use a Yeti mic from Blue & WireTap Studio to record interviews over Skype or G+ Hangout. #ContentChat
  26. @danielerossi I have read so many great things about Blue Microphones. Interested in the Blue Yeti myself #ContentChat
  27. A2c: It’s best to use a mixer if your podcast has co-hosts in the same room #ContentChat
  28. A2d: You’ll also need a website and audio editing software. I use Audacity because it’s free :) #ContentChat
  29. @danielerossi I tried to use GarageBand at first, but found Audacity to be easier. #contentchat
  30. @jacobhenenberg @SmarterShft tried using Garage Band but I got frustrated. Audacity is to-the-point. A little labour intensive. #ContentChat
  31. @SmarterShft @danielerossi it's so odd, I always thought of Macs and their apps positioned as cinch to pick up and use #ContentChat
  32. @SmarterShft @danielerossi interesting, what about Audacity did you find easier to use? Mac apps supposed to be easy to use #ContentChat
  33. Definitely. Audacity is the best one for me as well RT @danielerossi @chevd80 Me too! Best of all, it's free :) #ContentChat
  34. Headsets can also be used- be mindful if the mic is picking up your breathing (like in my upcoming episode. Oops). #ContentChat
  35. A2e: You’ll also need to record in a room with great acoustics. Many podcasters record in cars or closets! #ContentChat
  36. I've heard a couple of people say "under blankets" when on the road MT @danielerossi A2e: ...record in cars or closets! #ContentChat
  37. A2f: It can cost very little to launch a podcast depending on your budget, paid vs. free software, hosted vs. self-hosting #ContentChat
  38. A2. I use .@blogtalkradio to record my podcast, which is live. They have a digital studio and I only use my phone. #ContentChat
  39. A2. However, you can use skype and a skype recorder to record your podcast. #ContentChat
  40. @SmarterShft @chevd80 what's the Skype recorder quality like? Do you have any control over quality? #ContentChat
  41. @jacobhenenberg @chevd80 I bring the audio into Audacity and I can adjust the volume a bit so that tracks sound comparable #contentchat
  42. @chevd80 Question for you about Skype. How do you edit your Skype recording? Would Garageband suffice? #ContentChat
  43. @vegecomgirl A2. GarageBand is one of the most recommended software to edit your podcast. I don't use it because of cost. #ContentChat
  44. A2. I also use Audacity to edit my shows if I am not doing them live. #ContentChat
  45. A2 A decent microphone - don't let the amazing content go to waste! #contentchat
  46. @lifeofaworkgirl Definitely - you don't have to spend a ton of $ on a microphone. Plenty of affordable options. #ContentChat
  47. A2: Good audio equipment is probably a couple hundred dollars/ #ContentChat
  48. A2: terrible recording musician here with very little podcast experience - you can get a quality USB mic for VERY cheap. #contentchat
  49. @tonyxrandall yep, from what I've seen price-wise the Blue Microphones Yeti is v. reasonably priced, superb value for money mic #ContentChat
  50. How do you get people to subscribe to your podcast?

  51. A3a: Ask them to subscribe on the air! :) Make it easy for them by adding subscribe buttons on your website. #ContentChat
  52. A3b: Add your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn, Miro, doubleTwist, Blubrry, Libsyn. Everywhere! #ContentChat
  53. A3c: Be social! Engage in convos abt your topic on socme where audience is & promo your show (no spamming). #ContentChat
  54. @danielerossi Good call. Social media can really play into this too. Align yourself with podcasting influencers & communities #ContentChat
  55. A3d: Reach out & ask if subject matter experts would like to be interviewed. They can help spread the word abt being on ur sho #ContentChat
  56. Being social in person created a lot of networking opportunities #ContentChat
  57. A3: Well, you probably need to be a good podcast to start with... #ContentChat
  58. A3. Most people can subscribe to your podcast via @iTunes and @Stitcher radio. #ContentChat
  59. A3: if your topic isn't super original, find an original way to deliver it. #contentchat
  60. A3. You must make sure that your podcast is on a consistent time of day every week because your audience will expect it #ContentChat
  61. A3 Target your audience in the right places. Make sure you have a social presense & have pre release information #contentchat
  62. @danielerossi What was your main intention or goal for starting Podcasting? I am always curious #contentchat
  63. A3: Have an idea of who your audience is before trying to do anything. #contentchat
  64. A3: The #WhyISocial approach is to build relationships. Build relationships and they will invest in your podcast #Contentchat
  65. @terrencelomax I had recently grown accepting of my stuttering and I wanted to spread the word to others who may fear speaking #ContentChat
  66. @terrencelomax I also wanted to meet others who stuttered since it tends to be difficult to meet (1% of world's pop) #ContentChat
  67. What’s the hardest part about podcasting?

  68. A4a: Knowing if & how many listened to your epsiode. Downloads don’t = listens. So I focus more on feedback. #ContentChat
  69. A4b: Also, keeping enthusiasm can be tough when you don’t get consistent feedback about your podcast. #ContentChat
  70. A4c: Scheduling interviews across time zones can be a challenge! #ContentChat
  71. It can also be a challenge to not let the tech get in the way of what you want to share #ContentChat
  72. A4. The hardest part about podcasting is trying to grow your audience on a consistent basis and making the show engaging #ContentChat
  73. a4. Also having a guest to commit to your show on the scheduled time especially if the show is live #ContentChat
  74. @chevd80 do you have any strategies you could share with us on audience growth, Cheval? #ContentChat
  75. @jacobhenenberg The only thing I can say about audience growth is to be consistent and focus on delivering great content #ContentChat
  76. @chevd80 @danielerossi I will say intro music adds a real professional sound that listeners appreciate! #contentchat
  77. Can you host your podcast on your website? Why or why not?

  78. A5b: Hosting on your website = you have to deal with tech issues. But even hosting services can go down. #ContentChat
  79. A5c: Paid podcasting hosting can also give you some download/subscriber metrics which, say, iTunes doesn’t. #ContentChat
  80. A5: Technically, you can host on a website - but it's not a good idea. Use a service (they're cheap enough) #contentchat
  81. A5: Instead, use your webpage to market you podcast and embed the podcast in. #contentchat
  82. @CBarrows Agreed. Keep an eye on traffic to see if it's time to upgrade. I like to use pingdom to keep an eye on site meltdowns #ContentChat
  83. @danielerossi Agreed - you can - but in terms of handling growth, a website is less likely to be prepared for that #contentchat
  84. A5. It depends on where you are hosting your podcast at. It is better to host on other third party sites for your podcast #ContentChat
  85. A5 get the best of both worlds; host it on your site and upload it to services like SoundCloud, iTunes, etc. #ContentChat
  86. @jacobhenenberg WordPress running Elegant Themes (Divi), SoundCloud (widget), Audacity, WireTap Pro (Skype calls), Photoshop #ContentChat
  87. A5. I embedded my podcast on my website as a marketing tool to gain more listeners and drive more people to the site #ContentChat
  88. A5 great to own your content and promote your own website as your platform, and use other servies for promotion and redundancy #ContentChat
  89. A5: Why I Social is hosted via @libsyn - but all marketing/posting takes places via my personal webpage. Saves space/bandwidth #contentchat
  90. @SmarterShft Using a tool like @libsyn makes the process easier for me. It’s 5 hours of work per episode as it is. #Contentchat
  91. @danielerossi Eh, they leave something to be desired - but I haven't found anything that tells me listening time @WhyISocial #contentchat
  92. A5 It depends on your website but embedding your podcast is also an option #contentchat
  93. @danielerossi Does it take special tech skills/hosting features to host on your website? #contentchat
  94. @SmarterShft Nah. Just upload and you're done :) I am thinking of moving over to a third party but my traffic isn't overflowing #ContentChat
  95. For podcasts, get thru intros quickly so audience gets your most valuable content fast. #contentchat #audienceengagement
  96. What types of hosting options are there?

  97. A6: There are free and paid podcast hosting plans. Each with their own offerings incl freemiums. #ContentChat
  98. I’ve only used @SoundCloud. Engagement is low for me but their widget is very visual when shared across socme. #ContentChat
  99. A popular podcast host is @libsyn (HT @CBarrows) and often regarded as being reliable. #ContentChat
  100. A6. They are many. #SoundCloud, #Libsyn, #podbean are the best ones out there to host your podcast #ContentChat
  101. If you’re willing to put your podcast in the public domain, @internetarchive may be a great free option #ContentChat
  102. Some podcast hosts offer limited free plans like @podOmatic, @podbeancom. Can be good for those who may want 2 get feet wet #ContentChat
  103. For timely, current events type shows where a historical archive wouldn’t be necessary, @buzzsprout may be a good fit #ContentChat
  104. You can also post podcast guest's credentials and contact info in interface to make intros brief. #contentchat #audienceengagement
  105. @jane_hare Agreed - but I still don't buy the idea that a podcast has to be 30 minutes max. @SmarterShft @chevd80 #contentchat
  106. @SmarterShft @chevd80 Have attended podcasts where first 10 minutes is intro, not respectful of audience's time.#contentchat
  107. @jane_hare Yes. I keep the intros much shorter now than I used to - but still think the intro is valuable to "set the stage" #contentchat
  108. @jane_hare @chevd80 Yes, I completely agree! Also podcasters PLZ lose the highlights of your trip to Bermuda! #notinterested #contentchat
  109. Question for those that podcast, are you doing it more as a tactic for conversion towards a product? or to build community? #contentchat
  110. A6. I use podcast for both. To build community and to gain conversion towards my website. #ContentChat
  111. @SmarterShft For me - my podcast is actually built out of FUN and desire to show the power of social @jane_hare @chevd80 #contentchat
  112. @terrencelomax I do it to build community - BUT planning conversion tactics once the community is built. #contentchat
  113. A6. I should use a real microphone for my podcast. #ContentChat
  114. Do you need a website if you have a podcast? Why or why not?

  115. A7a: While I’m a fan of having a home base (gr8 for digital footprint, SEO), many podcast hosts offer your own page. #ContentChat
  116. A7b: You can also register a domain and point it to the podcast host. #ContentChat
  117. A7. Yes, you need a website if you have a podcast because it is your content. #ContentChat
  118. A7 I think having a website gives the audience a chance to interact with the brand. Great way to track online impact too #contentchat
  119. A7. I have learned that it is better to have your show between 30-45 minutes. #ContentChat
  120. @chevd80 I've always wondered if this was due to typical commute times? #ContentChat
  121. I think it might be RT @danielerossi @chevd80 I've always wondered if this was due to typical commute times? #ContentChat
  122. In terms of time (sorry, but this issue irks me) - it's about providing value, not the length #contentchat
  123. a7. If you have your podcast for an hour or more, you will lose your audience. Learned the hard way #ContentChat
  124. @chevd80 Do you think the format matters tho? I haven't lost an audience and 3 of my last 4 are over 50 minutes. #contentchat
  125. @chevd80 I think this depends. One of my favorite podcasts @SurvivalPodc regularly goes over an hour several times a week! #contentchat
  126. How can people learn more about launching a podcast?

  127. A8b: *cough* And my free ebook, “A Quick Guide To Podcasting”. It’s got comics in it.  *cough* #ContentChat
  128. A8c: I can also recommend the book “Content Rules” by @cc_chapman & @MarketingProfs re: keeping content engaging #ContentChat
  129. A8 Blogs are great resources! And, ask people who have the experience. Make time to see them in action & learn first hand #contentchat
  130. A8. Hope I am not self-promoting, but my book also would be good as well, "8 lessons every podcaster needs to learn #ContentChat
  131. @chevd80 You are not self-promoting if what you offer pertains to the topic. Thanks! #contentchat
  132. Thoughts, questions, takeaways; share your podcast link

  133. Have fun with your podcast and don't be afraid to venture out into video and other formats #ContentChat
  134. Transcripts! I forgot to mention the benefits of having a transcript of your show for accessibility and SEO reasons. #ContentChat
  135. @danielerossi This is one area I need to improve upon - but I won't change the length of my show, I go with the flow. #contentchat
  136. @danielerossi How are you putting those transcripts? Are you using a service/software? #ContentChat
  137. @vegecomgirl I haven't been able to do transcripts. I did them manually but takes too much time. #ContentChat
  138. @danielerossi Ahh yes! Transcripts are such an added bonus for the audience, and for SEO purposes. Win-win #ContentChat
  139. @danielerossi YES - I suggest people turn their podcasts into Hangout On-Air Panels! #contentchat
  140. A9 - Just getting started, but if you're interested in Sustainable Living  #contentchat