#Carla Birnberg on Rebranding

  1. You recently went thru a HUGE rebranding. How did you decide to do that? #contentchat Has anyone else done a rebranding?

  2. A1. My rebranding was something which happened OVERNIGHT and was 3 years in the making. I knew early on Id pigeonholed myself #contentchat
  3. I knew I wanted to be able to use all facets of my skills (masters degree etc) and my FITNESS ONLY branding wouldnt allow me #contentchat
  4. I knew my online persona was ALL AND ONLY FITNESS. That wasnt who I was online and it had become confusing (at least 2me) #contentchat
  5. A1. Rebranding is one of those things that you have to do when your image no longer matches who you are. #contentchat
  6. A1: cont. A lot of it is b/c they wanted to revitalize and refresh the brand + make more exciting #ContentChat
  7. A1 - I have done some rebranding. I started a podcast about Sustainable Living - that's my true passion. #contentchat
  8. @LUCYrk78 Here's the website. Had to take a break 4 a few weeks but will be back w/ a podcast this week!  http://buff.ly/1JJYbQG  #contentchat
  9. @LUCYrk78 A1: For my job, we went through a rebranding in the beginning of June. We got a new logo and are restructuring #ContentChat
  10. YES interesting perspective too @bellametaphor So many companies do the rebrand to refresh. I think of RADIO SHACK! #contentchat
  11. @carla_birnberg I think for a while, people actually started forgetting about them. #contentchat
  12. A1: I've been known to do a rebrand or 5. Step one. Ask Why? Preferably in a Tyra Banks in Higher Learning way. #ContentChat
  13. @Mr_McFly Good point - you don't want to change for the sake of change. Knowing why helps the transition go smoothly. #contentchat
  14. @JoshStAubin absolutely. It also helps in the process of communication when you get to it. #ContentChat
  15. @LUCYrk78 some rebranding @ beginning when we noticed what our customers wanted was a bit different than services we offered #contentchat
  16. @AntoniaStiedaSa Yes - just like any other style, you need to be on the same page as your customer. #contentchat
  17. A1 Experiencing rebranding at the moment! You have to start from within - get the team to regroup & know WHY it's necessary #contentchat
  18. TIP: if ur considering rebranding ask client, friend, & family member to DEFINE your brand back to you. See what they say. #contentchat
  19. A1-Rebranding your personal brand is equally as important. In an ever changing business world staying unique = relevancy #ContentChat
  20. A1: Slight rebranding here and there in an effort to maintain consistency across platforms. #ContentChat
  21. A1:Rebranding happens when your "image" is no longer relevant or current. Research on what you need to change is very important #contentchat
  22. yes! it needs to also be authentic. we've all seen those who try to be DiFfErEnT just for the sake of different @TrendingTagz #contentchat
  23. @LUCYrk78 A1: ReBranding is critical regardless of size and should always be done with thought, a plan and team buy-in. #contentchat
  24. Exactly, doing research and getting the team together and creating a solid strategy is very important #contentchat  https://twitter.com/lifeofaworkgirl/status/618135703646543872 
  25. Q1b. Were you worried your community wouldn't follow the change with you? #contentchat
  26. I was terrified my "people" would no longer wanna be my people (to be blunt and roll filterfree) It was really scary. #contentchat
  27. BUT as will all in life it was more terrifying to try and keep being a brand I really wasnt. I knew it was time. #contentchat
  28. @LUCYrk78 this is where the WHY comes in. Rebranding needs to have a purpose and supported facts that show they will follow #contentchat
  29. YES you nailed it. My people didnt waiver because the rebranding completely made sense and fit @AntoniaStiedaSa @LUCYrk78 #contentchat
  30. A1: I did a rebrand of Boston University's student-run PR agency. Started with research, surveys, and a lot of listening #contentchat
  31. A1b: Sure, it's always a concern, but if you're paying attention to what they want/need, you should be okay. #ContentChat
  32. STRATEGY. I planned. I let all brands I worked with know it was coming and how and why. I think my readers could FEEL that 2 #contentchat
  33. A1 Rebranding is more than a logo. Is the mission statement changing? Are company values the same? Think it through #contentchat
  34. Love what you said. I rewrote my personal work and blog missionstatement before I rebranded as well. @lifeofaworkgirl #contentchat
  35. @LUCYrk78 @carla_birnberg 100% understand that! So important that people understand & are a part of change, not thrown into it! #contentchat
  36. A1 Our office rebranded with updated graphics, logo and messages. #contentchat
  37. A 1B- If you bowed to conformity, there wouldn't be room for growth! Do what you feel is correct and the right ppl will follow! #ContentChat
  38. Your brand should symbolize your identity & identify with your customers and be easily marketable #contentchat  https://twitter.com/HeroicSearch/status/618136552250720256 
  39. in my rebranding I SHED my logo and became me. Myself and my face. No more silly funny cartoon :-) it felt more authentic too #contentchat
  40. @carla_birnberg when a rebrand incl, at least in part, helping your people, you'll never lose them #ContentChat http://t.co/WemvvMSpWI
    @carla_birnberg when a rebrand incl, at least in part, helping your people, you'll never lose them #ContentChat pic.twitter.com/WemvvMSpWI
  41. A1: 3 reasons to rebrand: to grow, to update, to change strategy @LUCYrk78 #contentchat
  42. @LUCYrk78 A1b: if you've done your research correctly there should be nothing to worry about #ContentChat
  43. exciting or nervewracking? RT @joshmccormack A1: I'm working on a huge rebranding. #ContentChat
  44. @LUCYrk78 The changes in my biz have been primarily from client demand. This is a huge one for us. #ContentChat
  45. A1. Research! Feedback from clients. Firmly understanding the market and my position in it. #contentchat
  46. How do you know when it's "time" to "expand your niche?"

  47. I think w/writing your readers&your instinct tell you when it's time to expand. I thought I was ALL FITNESS. I realized I wasnt #contentchat
  48. Id already expanded (writing personal devel. using my degrees) so my BRAND no longer fit. It was more like shedding a skin... #contentchat
  49. A2: When you can provide more value; help; better serve your customer in a consistent way, then you can expand #ContentChat
  50. A2- Expanding your "niche" is about forecasting...Stay one step ahead of your industry and focus on grabbing undeveloped areas #ContentChat
  51. A2: Sometimes, you realize you don't really fit the "mold" of what you were anymore, and you grow. #contentchat
  52. @carla_birnberg - A2 - YES! Sometimes categorizing our "work" blinds us. Personal branding has to include our passions. #contentchat
  53. @LUCYrk78 A2. When 1) you're not as relevant 2) the market changes slightly 3) you have a better product in a similar area. #contentchat
  54. This is a great example of how rebranding can help your image. Show who you are and be authentic #contentchat  https://twitter.com/carla_birnberg/status/618137086944788480 
  55. A2 In our case, there was a change in top management. The branding aligned with the personal views of the new person in charge. #contentchat
  56. I got ZERO. Id prepped and foreshadowed so well no one even cared :-) RT @LUCYrk78 Did you get any surprising responses? #contentchat
  57. A2: It's time to expand when you've exhausted all the opportunities you have in your current niche! #contentchat
  58. I agree abt the forecasting @TrendingTagz It's about thinking where do I wanna be in 5 days/mths/years #contentchat
  59. This topic reminds me of this pic I saw this morning. It is so relevant! #contentchat  http://ow.ly/i/bG14E 
  60. most important I think is never to rebrand out of FEAR of becoming irrelevant. If it's not natural and authentic people KNOW. #contentchat
  61. Q2: Your fans & customers may be asking for MORE content-- this can mean a new mode of content. Consider #webinars & video #contentchat
  62. A2: When your passion starts shifting. You cant keep a brand alive that you no longer have any passion for. #contentchat
  63. YES!!!! It was so helpful for me to ask readers to tell me what they thot my brand was. @kilby76 @JoshStAubin @ontarget #contentchat
  64. A2 When you can fufil an audience need. If people keep enquiring for a service you don't offer... Expanding could be key #contentchat
  65. A2: Take a cue from your audience! They'll let you know what they want if you ask. Communication is key. #ContentChat
  66. If your audience isn't responding or you have exhausted them, then its time to expand your niche #contentchat  https://twitter.com/d3logic/status/618137827344257024 
  67. A2 Based on feedback from clientele and spotting an opportunity for growth. Carefully research & make sure instincts are right. #contentchat
  68. Q2: We listen to our clients. When they need more, we try to help. #ContentChat
  69. You were transparent before transparency was cool! How do you decide how much to share?

  70. I share everything BUT all my experience of the story. I dont share ANYTHING about someone else. I ask before I share 4others #contentchat
  71. I learned quickly when I was HONEST & AUTHENTIC I provided others the space to show up the same. THATS my goal. #contentchat
  72. A3: Absolutely. Its something we've prided ourselves on since the beginning. #contentchat
  73. Change for the sake of change isn't necessarily the best course. See New Coke. Don't do it in a vacuum. #contentchat  https://twitter.com/carla_birnberg/status/618135914221596672 
  74. A3: Absolutely. Its something we've prided ourselves in* since the beginning. #contentchat
  75. A3: If I wouldn't tell my mother... It doesn't get shared... It's that simple! #ContentChat #Transparency
  76. A3: The thing about transparency is, it's about being honest, not about verbal diarrhea. #SorryAboutTheImage #ContentChat
  77. I think we can underestimate consumers. They KNOW when we arent being "real" and they dont wanna consume whatever it is we sell #contentchat
  78. @LUCYrk78 A3: in a digital world it's hard to hide. I feel it's best to lead the conversation than be on the back foot #ContentChat
  79. A3. Transparency might be a new concept, but telling the truth shouldnt be. U dont hav to blurt out everything, but never lie. #contentchat
  80. A3: As long as your content is appropriate and shows your good side, transparency is okay #contentchat
  81. A3. Share anything that others WON'T out of fear or hesitancy. People are attracted to what other won't reveal #contentchat #branding
  82. for me transparency is about normalizing. about hoping others think U FEEL THAT WAY? I THOT I WAS THE ONLY ONE? #contentchat
  83. A3 Honesty & authenticity are key to being a trusted brand,its important to share personal aspects to make a company more human #contentchat
  84. @LUCYrk78 A3: Transparency is the heart of our brand and many of our sister companies. It's essential in the digital age. #IMHO #ContentChat
  85. A3- I only share content and ideas that have helped me grow professionally or will lead to engaging conversations w/ my peers #ContentChat
  86. A3 What do people need to know to function more efficiently? Does knowledge of certain subjects cause friction? Be wary of TMI. #contentchat
  87. I know it's different with writers and consumerbrands but Ive seen some GREAT transparent brands in social. honest funny real #contentchat
  88. @carla_birnberg YES! Sharing information about yourself can be scary, but it's the BEST way to truly connect on an H2H level. #contentchat
  89. Be real and be yourself. Dont give out to much personal info on yourself, but dont hide anything either #ContentChat  https://twitter.com/LUCYrk78/status/618139110385909760 
  90. A3 You can be transparent & still own your privacy - it's all about sharing info that the audience needs & appreciates #contentchat
  91. A3 Share what you need to share to put out a clear, concise message and image without getting down into the weeds. #contentchat
  92. Being professional is important, sure their is a time to be goofy, but use your best judgement #ContentChat  https://twitter.com/ECWseo/status/618140396670033920 
  93. A3: It's easiest to keep track of what you said when you just tell the truth. #ContentChat
  94. A3/4 If you have to think about being transparent, then you're probably not transparent. Just be yourself. #ContentChat
  95. A3 - I ask whether info I'm considering sharing might help others. If the answer is yes, I'm more likely to share. #contentchat
  96. Transparent doesn't mean your memoir or Live Journal (anyone remember those?) It's just business. #contentchat
  97. a:3 Transparency is about being real and authentic. Others know when you are spamming, you can't be an expert on all things. #contentchat
  98. A3: Transparency can be powerful & imp to users. Just be sure to communicate effectively and completely #contentchat  https://twitter.com/LUCYrk78/status/618140360758267904 
  99. A3: I don't think so if you are accurately portraying your brand #contentchat
  100. Are there any downsides to being as transparent as you are? #contentchat Has anyone experienced a downside to #transparency?

  101. Downside? I think if you OWN what youre saying & THINK before you share there isnt a downside. #contentchat
  102. for as off the cuff as anything I do may seem Ive always considered it from all angles before sharing publicly& DELETE a lot:0 #contentchat
  103. and sometimes no one caring is the best case scenario :-) it can make people so uncomfortable too huh? @JaredCarrizales #contentchat
  104. @carla_birnberg IMO ppl think transparency = everything; transparency to me means acting how you would in public. #contentchat
  105. A4. Audience confusion. You can get caught up in what you think is awesome b/c it's transparent, but no one ends up caring #contentchat
  106. A4 People mistake transparency for telling everything. It can be misinterpreted as too much info/exposure #contentchat
  107. There's a definate time/place to share personal information ~ you DON'T do it on a biz acct, nor if its your personal brand #ContentChat
  108. A4:Putting yourself out in the world always has repercussions. The positive results outweigh all others #contentchat  https://twitter.com/LUCYrk78/status/618140360758267904 
  109. A4 You have to draw the line between telling customers what they need to know vs. all you can tell them. Lead, don't inundate. #contentchat
  110. A4. If you don't know where the line is, or your employees don't, mistakes can happen. #contentchat
  111. A4: I think transparency is not oversharing. Say what needs to be said w/o putting up walls if your consumer asks questions. #contentchat
  112. A4: The only issue(s) you'll have w/ being transparent is if you're unable to stand by what you say. #ContentChat http://t.co/me3BL5eS5X
    A4: The only issue(s) you'll have w/ being transparent is if you're unable to stand by what you say. #ContentChat pic.twitter.com/me3BL5eS5X
  113. A4: Being transparent definitely opens one up to more criticism, but it also generates an authenticity that's invaluable. #ContentChat
  114. Transparency as a brand means more than telling the truth. It means not hiding behind a logo and not using the royal we. #ContentChat
  115. You just wrote a new book. Congrats! Tell us what #wycwyc is? #contentchat What does it mean to all of you?

  116. What you can when you can really is simple: small steps add up. no paralysis by analysis OR by perfection! #contentchat
  117. I also know all of this can become overwhelming (social. writing. rebrand) and the book focuses on MAINTAINING MARGINS #contentchat
  118. I also think in social & branding it can become overwhelming to do every platform IMMEDIATELY. ---> #wycwyc helps me there2 #contentchat
  119. @LUCYrk78 A4: theres always challenges with #transparency once you open a conversation be prepared to continue the interaction #contentchat
  120. @carla_birnberg I love it! A 1% improvement in every area is better than NO improvement anywhere #wycwyc #contentchat
  121. What do you guys think #wycwyc could mean in your daily life? #contentchat
  122. A5: To ME, #wycwyc gives me permission to be ME. Not to have to try for perfection, or nothing at all. That my best is OK! #contentchat
  123. @LUCYrk78 I think realizing that sometime life circumstances are beyond your control BUT you always do the best you can do #ContentChat
  124. @LUCYrk78 Ppl don't want perfect, they want real. If it's too perfect, it's not relatable... A little imperfection is good. #contentchat
  125. A5. That's a new one to me! I'll have to learn what it means from all of you! #contentchat
  126. #wycwyc means many things to ME but do you worry people might use it as a cop out? "That's all I can do. Oh well!"

  127. I love Q6 because as my cowriter @RoniNoone says PEOPLE LOOKING FOR AN EXCUSE WILL ALWAYS FIND ONE #contentchat
  128. I think we know when we are doing what we can (work, home, social) & when we just wanna find an excuse to not do more. #contentchat
  129. quite frankly theres nothing wrong with taking a break :-) I just own it, pause and hang out, and then MOVE ON! #contentchat
  130. I'm always looking for inspiration and advice from all of YOU that also write :) Let's talk about WRITING for a bit! #contentchat
  131. A6 There are always possibilities people will opt for cop outs. Accept that and capitalize on those who take up the challenge. #contentchat
  132. A6: #wycwyc can be used as a cop out, but setting goals and deadlines to meet those goals is a great way to balance it out. #ContentChat
  133. A6- A lot of people look for ways to cop out...Trying to improve your environment and giving extra effort brings consistency #ContentChat
  134. A6: That may be part of the of the reason why I've subscribed to #ygwyg for so long. #ContentChat
  135. Do you all write everyday? Do you have any rituals or things to help you write?

  136. A7. I write everysingleday. I start day writing. I end writing. If I get stuck? I leave computer and GO OUTSIDE TO THE WORLD #contentchat
  137. Id love to hear about your rituals :-) I have NONE except starting my day with words and wrapping up with writing words #contentchat
  138. Im also a big believer in WRITERS needing to be READERS. If I get stuck for words---I read words! #contentchat
  139. A7: We write all the time to stay on our game. We also read & draw to help those skills grow too #contentchat  https://twitter.com/LUCYrk78/status/618143587985854465 
  140. I need to do that more! they say even doodling helps spark writing and creativity. @sharonlroy #contentchat
  141. A7. I'm trying to get back to it. Have a few blog drafts going. Mostly write blurbs, headlines, tweets. #contentchat
  142. I wish, not very good at writing & am amazed by you with all of the great content you put out everyday! #contentchat  https://twitter.com/LUCYrk78/status/618143587985854465 
  143. A7: creating relative content everyday is important, whether it's writing, video, webinars or images. #contentchat  https://twitter.com/LUCYrk78/status/618143587985854465 
  144. A7. Rituals? No. I just find a place to start. I often start with the middle section and fill in around it. #contentchat
  145. @carla_birnberg We always have music playing to help us relax and take walks around our building sometimes #contentchat
  146. for me the FRESH & ENGAGING comes from unplugging and living and THEN returning to write. #contentchat
  147. A7 Writing is part of job and off. Start w/ research, interviews to get expertise for subject. Then tell story in my own words. #contentchat
  148. it's not popular but I really dont believe in writers block. At least HERE it just means I need to LIVE then write #contentchat
  149. A7 As a recommendation from the founder of @wordpressdotcom I try to start my morning with some writing. #contentchat
  150. A7b. I'm excluding analytics reports & project proposals; more numbers than writing. #contentchat
  151. A7 I write whenever I feel like I need to! Great way to process my thoughts & articulate a feeling #contentchat
  152. Im not a music person but so many SWEAR by that for sparking creativity and writing... #contentchat
  153. A7-Twitter is my writing tool! It helps me connect w/ people, stay sharp and gain incredible amounts of industry knowledge #ContentChat
  154. A7: Sometimes breaking your ritual can provide inspiration! Check Twitter, read a poem, something new! #contentchat  https://twitter.com/carla_birnberg/status/618144579112579073 
  155. I think for me with all of this (writing to branding to rebranding) it all boils down to CONSISTENCY. #contentchat
  156. Books and blogging could NOT be more different. In a great way (it all felt fresh & new) and in such a challenging way (hard!) #contentchat