#soSEA Sept :: Life(online) After Death :: Storified!

What happens to your data, research, and online identity after you die? We explored this topic at our Fall 2012 kickoff event. We dug into the intricacies of data and social media archiving, intellectual property vs. the Cloud, and other issues at the nexus of science, online, and death.


    Brian Fitzpatrick @therealfitz
    , Google — “Liberator of Data, Creator of Transparency, Open Source Dude, Geek”

    Brian fights for the users as part of the Data Liberation and Transparency teams at Google.

    Kelly Edwards @engagedethics, UW Associate Professor of bioethics and humanities

    Kelly explored the intersection of ethics and mortality in the online world.

    Noah Weil @noah_weil, Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney

    Noah spoke about end-of-life documentation and the terms of service of online corporations.

  2. #SOSEA fell on the same nite as two other local-scale events: Science Online New York, and ScienceOnlineVancouver.
  3. Our livestream is archived here, follow along!
  4. We all recognize the delicacy and challenge of talking about death, and we've all experienced loss, some of us very recently. @LizNeeley opened our evening with a moment to reflect and respect these complexities.
  5. Then, Brian Fitzpatrick (Fitz) started us off by discussing why he works to make sure users can get at their data: because more and more of our memories and other valuables are now online.
  6. Second, Noah Weil shared with us why he is passionate about end-of-life documentation.
  7. Our third speaker, Kelly Edwards, voiced her perspective about our online identities--their bigger and more dispersed than we think.
  8. Passwords was a hot topic: should you store them somewhere? Where and how--online? on paper?