1. Arijit is a friend of mine who's battling stage IV colon cancer.  Last February, he exceeded his lifetime cap on his graduate student health plan (run by Aetna), and his coverage was dropped.  Since then, he's been running Poop Strong (poopstrong.org), a site where you can make a donation or buy an item, with all proceeds going to his healthcare or (if he has extra money) to charity.  In the six months between when he was dropped and when he'll be picked up by another student health plan, he's been looking at well over $100K in medical bills for his treatments.

    In addition to updates about his own condition and the state of Poop Strong, Arijit's been tweeting (naturally) about the state of health insurance, and recently, Aetna got involved.  The conversation (as Twitter convos tend to do) sort of spirals out from the main thread between Arijit and Aetna.  Since searching Twitter posts gets cumbersome, and this is a really, really important conversation, I've made this page to have a clear copy of that main thread.  Comments from other users are included when they're useful, for context, or because they engage Mark Bertolini (@mtbert), CEO of Aetna, or Aetna's customer service/social media representatives.

    If you're interested in following along in real-time, you may want to check in at Arijit's Twitter account (twitter.com/poop_strong) or search all tweets for mentions of his username ( https://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/%40poop_strong ).  I'm doing my best to represent the flow of conversation faithfully and preserve the context in which things were said, but if you feel that there are important things missing or misrepresented, feel free to leave a comment (with permalinks to tweets, if possible), and I'll look into it.
  2. @Chris_Ashworth comments, and Aetna responds with some good news:
  3. But, apparently, Aetna hasn't actually gotten in touch with Arijit yet. The first tweet below is sent just one minute before getting in touch with Chris, and the following ones are sent afterward:
  4. Aetna tells Arijit's friends that the situation's resolved:
  5. There are other side-threads also asking Aetna what they'll do to help other people in similar situations (no response), and there's more skepticism directed toward the idea of Aetna wanting to help or empower.  Some tweets mention Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini (@mtbert):
  6. @mtbert responds: