Phen375 Buzz or scam?

Is a Phen375 Review real or fake?


  1. The new diet pill Phen375 is getting a lot of buzz in the blogosphere and review sites, but who can be trusted and who is on the payroll?  These days, diet pill reviewers can be harassed to take down a negative review or paid to put up a positive one.  It’s hard to tell whether a Phen375 review is real or fake, but there are a few ways to figure it out.  There are a lot of positive and in-depth reviews for Phen375, but you have to know where to find them.

    First, a website with only one small article and a ton of links to Amazon or Ebay is not to be trusted.  You can find this sort of Phen375 review on content farms like Squidoo and Hubpages, where writers are trying anything to get people to visit a site, hoping they go to Amazon or Ebay afterward so that the writer can take a cut.  Similar sites to avoid are any Q&A sites or something with a name that’s followed by a host domain name, for example or, where Infobarrel and Answers are two sites that pay people to produce content regardless of quality.

    The best way to find legit Phen375 reviews is to look for websites with their own name.  A “.com” website with a few articles about different aspects of Phen375 ingredients, side effects, cost and results will provide a lot more information than a few blog entries.  Buying a domain shows that the reviewer is committed and devoting real time and effort to making the Phen375 review, not just quickly making as many pages as possible and spitting random topics into the web. Since domains must be paid for, you can tell that a reviewer feels strongly about a topic when they decide to pay for a domain just to recommend or call out Phen375 scam reviews.
    If you look around the web, you’ll see a lot of information on Phen375, but only a small fraction that can be trusted.  I looked into it myself and you could call this page my review of Phen375 reviews I suppose!  To make it simple, in the end I found many more positive Phen375 reviews than negative.  And there were tons of positive reviews coming from real people, just writing for the love of it, or on diet blogs, or personal websites.  Additionally there are people who have had so much success with Phen375 that they are hosting their own websites devoted to it.  It may seem silly but when weight won’t come off for years and years, anything that ends up making a real difference seems like a gift from above.  So it’s understandable that people want to recommend Phen375 for having such a huge impace on their lives.  For more information click HERE.