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Chloe Sladden shares insight on how people use twitter & media

Twitter's director of content and programming, Chloe Sladden, talked about how the media are and should be using Twitter Wednesday afternoon in her keynote speech to Stanford's Future of Media Conference.


  1. Sladden said she thinks news organizations should be breaking news first on Twitter, a topic of some recent debate in the industry.
  2. She also talked about how she and others at Twitter work behind the scenes with many kinds of media companies and high-profile partners to encourage innovative uses of the network.
  3. News organizations have been been some of the most innovative partners, she said. Journalists like Nicholas Kristof now live-tweet their travels so followers can experience the news live before reading about what it means later.

    Sladden says she sees "the rise of the journalist as more of a ... personality on Twitter." And that benefits their employers, too.
  4. NBC News' Ryan Osborn added his appreciation for that:
  5. Sladden also provided some statistics about how people are using Twitter. Use while watching TV is very popular, and stations that promote a hashtag on air see a big boost in Twitter engagement:
  6. More stats, about mobile usage and how many people use Twitter without tweeting themselves:
  7. We also got some insight into how Twitter identifies its trending topics. They're weighted by recency, not just volume of tweets. Or another way of putting it, they value "spikes over steadiness."