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Reaction to the Keller / Abramson change at The New York Times


  1. The New York Times broke its own news this morning, reporting that Executive Editor Bill Keller would step down in September, to be replaced by Jill Abramson.
  2. As Times employees gathered to hear the news in person, several of them shared photos and quotes as Keller, Abramson and Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. made speeches.

  3. Following the announcement, many of the Times staff members shared their insight and reaction to the changes. All seemed to be positive.

  4. Keller's recent anti-Twitter commentary has drawn a lot of heat from fans of the platform, and the announcement that he was stepping down became fodder for some joking about it.

  5. And while Abramson isn't even on Twitter yet, one of the Times' social media editors Lexi Mainland, says she will be soon.
  6. There were some good-natured jokes to be had...

  7. ... but most of the reaction online was congratulatory of Abramson as the first female to lead the paper, and thankful to Keller for his contributions.