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Reaction to AP retweet guidelines


  1. This was our first tweet from @Poynter:
  2. What followed was a lot of criticism. Many people argued that the AP guidelines suggest a using a confusing style that puts the "RT" at the very beginning, separated from the username. Like this:

           RT Jones campaign now denouncing smith on education: @jonescampaign smith’s policies would destroy our schools
  3. AP's Standards Editor Tom Kent did respond to that on Twitter, saying he was OK with doing retweets the other way.
  4. Others implied that the new guidelines were too restrictive.
  5. AP spokesman Paul Colford said the agency doesn't prohibit retweeting opinions, it just wants its journalists to be clear about attributing the opinion to the source.
  6. And a few people decided to follow the spirit of the guidelines in their own retweets: