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New York Post faces backlash over A1 photo of man about to die

The cover photo of today's The New York Post shows a man pushed onto a subway track, "about to die." The photo was shot by a Post freelance photographer who happened to be on the platform at the time. Warning: The image appears below, don't continue reading if you don't want to see it.


  1. Even if you accept that the photographer and other bystanders did everything they could to try to save the man, it's a separate question of what the Post should have done with that photo. 
  2. All journalists we've seen talking about it online concluded the Post was wrong to use the photo, especially on its front-page. 
  3. Sickening rubber-necking front page from the New York Post. Imagine how this man's family feels
  4. If you conclude it's wrong to publish the photo, then is it also wrong for other media to republish the photo as they cover the Post's initial decision? That's the question New York City news blog Gothamist asks about The New York Times' City Room blog post: 
  5. this City Room post raises another question: is it right to use "asking a question" about whether a news outlet should publish a controversial photograph as an opportunity to re-run that very picture (and reap its inevitable page views)? Or is this beneath the level of moral rectitude we expect Times' bloggers to embody?
  6. Of course, in writing this Gothamist has now also republished an image of the Times' republished image of the Post's image. So they could ask themselves the same question.