#etmooc orientation

Reflecting on the live session on 14-Jan-2014.


  1. On how to deal with the overwhelming stream of info flowing through blogs, Twitter, etc. This really is both an attitude and a skill. And it's critical for MOOCs.
  2. Two very inspirational videos were referenced. The ski jump video was used by Alec Couros to end the session - a great analogy for moving off the top of the hill. Plus - the kid is awesome.

    Alison's referenced video ("Obvious to you, amazing to others") also strikes a chord with me. It's another mindset that needs reinforcing. Share because others may find what you share amazing. And it's true.
  3. Obvious to you. Amazing to others. - by Derek Sivers
  4. One of the measures of success, I think, of a network that has embraced learning. It's tough to get over the original blog-posting fear. Another thing to also comment on others' ideas. But it really does force you to reflect more deeply on your own thinking, in different ways.
  5. Another great image - network sherpas.
  6. I just like the idea of putting together a vision of an inspirational pedagogy with the idea that LMS's kinda suck. And I can say that because I built a consulting career around LMS's. :-)
  7. The digital citizenship discussion drew a lot of commentary. But I think the bit that struck me was Alec's very aspirational goal: At the end of this MOOC, using what we've learned to actually DO something as a connected network. That's a game changer.
  8. Storytelling. Great quote.
  9. Some of the session's artwork. More amazing was watching it come together.