Wikipedia and Wikimedia Foundation social media highlights of the week Nov. 28-Dec. 4 2015

A viral story about engineering, English-language fundraising and a fan's vandalism


  1. Artificial intelligence story goes viral

  2. Dozens of verified Twitter accounts post links to stories about Wikimedia Foundation engineers developing a new artificial intelligence system. Views of the Wikimedia Foundation blog post top 10,000.
  3. English-language fundraiser launched

  4. The Wikimedia Foundation announces its annual English-language fundraiser. A short video of founder Jimmy Wales is shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, reddit and elsewhere. Famous people share about giving to the foundation. Others criticize the size of the fundraising banners.
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  6. Fan vandalizes band's page to get backstage

  7. Big media outlets report on a Peking Duk fan vandalizing the band's Wikipedia article on his phone in ordr to get backstage.
  8. "Knowledge is joy" embraced by Facebook fans

  9. A simple, three-word Facebook post inspires more than 13,000 responses, some of them quite moving.
  10. Love Wikipedia.. Cause I live in a rural area. I can teach many students about their problems through Wikipedia. Just love it
  11. Fun stuff

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