Click together for Friday, August 25, 2017

McAfee's news and notes from around the cybersecurity world, curated and compiled every weekday by Jeff Elder.


  1. Big national security and international cyber security arrest

  2. The arrest could provide information on the OPM hacks which U.S. officials have blamed on the Chinese government, Reuters reports.
  3. The machines are coming!

  4. Today is the last day to vote for Steve Grobman's SXSW session on fighting crime with your robot pals! Click below.
  5. We find the worst apps

  6. The McAfee Mobile Malware Research Team tears apart click-fraud apps, now removed.
  7. That's a lot of goofy headsets

  8. Gartner sees sales of 22 million head-mounted display units in 2017 and 67 million in 2021.
  9. More than eye candy?

  10. Cyber-attack maps are getting more legit with real cybersecurity chops, CSO reports.
  11. McAfee Labs digs into malware attack of banks

  12. We received the malware at an early stage and were able to provide coverage for our customers.
  13. Something is watching you type

  14. Ransomware logs what you do online.
  15. Do you just toss your boarding pass?

  16. Brian Krebs says that's a cybersecurity vulnerability you can easily avoid.