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Lizzie And Burt's Wedding -- Feb. 19, 2012

A living scrapbook of the social media wedding of the century: The Napa nuptials of Storify co-founder Burt Herman and the fabulous attorney/runner Lizzie Oliner.


  1. Our friends Lizzie and Burt got married Sunday in the Wine Country. Burt and I work at Storify. (He's one of the co-founders.) Therefore, we wedify. Watch how fun.

    The official site

  2. Pretty much anything you want to know about the union can be found on the site. Wheres. Whens. Photos of their towels emblazoned Lizster and Burtster.

    The hashtag: #lizandburt

    A wedding with a hashtag? The Greek chorus that is Twitter discusses:
  3. Legend of this Wedify

    Word gets out on Twitter.
  4. The guests tweet their arrivals

    As they arrive in the Wine Country they begin to announce themselves on Twitter.
  5. Grandma tweetin' in the house! Are you kidding me? How awesome is THAT.
  6. Including Storify's other co-founder.
  7. The festivities begin!