Investigative journalism in Silicon Valley?

Who's looking into VCs, big companies, privacy abuses and false claims?


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  2. Are the old tools of investigative journalism applicable and available?

  3. When did coverage of innovation devolve into regurgitating the elevator pitch? Change is complex, difficult and demanding. Independence, inconvenience, a refusal to be rushed or to candy-coat – the characteristics of journalism – are not cool, fun, hipster or pretty. But the way the story of Silicon Valley and the startup ecosystem is mostly told today has devolved into an impatient and buzzy rumor mill, without critical thinking or scrutiny. Meanwhile, users sign away their rights without knowing the deeper motivations of the companies who own their data.

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    Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 8.20.41 PM
  5. What happens when a VC makes false claims?

  6. What happens if user information is faked to sell ads? 

  7. Using tools of social media – even to look at Silicon Valley 

  8. Investigative Journalism: Facebook Hacking IJ