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The 10 best "Best Of 2012" lists of 2012

Why waste your time wading through all the best of 2012 lists? We've got them all right here - including a list of the other best of 2012 lists. Which is all lists.


  1. 1. This list

  2. Of course. Because it contains itself. 
  3. 2. Sexiest ads

  4. This is just to let you know that we are not fooling around. This is a smoking hot list of lists.  
  5. Kate Upton Carl's Jr. Commercial
  6. 2.5. Best sports GIFs

  7. Hilarity ensues when you peruse. 
  8. 3. The best longform crime writing. 

  9. Anyone can have cops briefs. We have weird crime literature:
  10. At last, when the lights shut off at ten-thirty, Michael lay down in his bunk, a thin mattress atop an unforgiving metal frame. Sporadically during the night, he could hear inmates calling out to one another, imitating different animal sounds—a rooster crowing, a dog baying—that reverberated through the cell block. Even then, as he lay in the dark listening to the cacophony of voices around him, Michael felt that he would be vindicated someday. He just didn’t know how or when that day would come.

  11. 4. Weird weather

  12. It was a really weird weather year - from Superstorm Sandy (pictured below) to tornadoes, heat and flooding. See it in pics from The Weather Channel. 
  13. 5. Tattooed Olympians

  14. If other year-end lists even had a section on tattooed Olympics - which they probably wouldn't - they would show you one athlete. We show you a bunch.