Best of the Angelina Jolie leg bomb meme

Angelina Jolie exposed her right leg to ridicule at the Oscars last night. Here's what social media did to it.

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  1. Was it the pose, which seemed oddly brash?
  2. An award-winner immediately mocked the pose. 
  3. Social media erupted. 
  4. My favorite oscars moment was screenwriter Jim Rash mocking Angelina, moments after she handed him an oscar.......WELL PLAYED SIR! Seriously Angie-Only drag queens can get away with begin that pretentious, thats OUR thing......back off! 
  5. And a meme was born.
  6. angelina-jolie-right-leg-oscars-funny-19
  7. angelina-jolie-right-leg-oscars-funny-20
  8. Best in Show? Below, from @raindawg, Anthony Proctor, an homage to another famous led, from "A Christmas Story." Have a Holly Jolie Christmas!
  9. Leg-bombing my photos from now on :-D