1. It happened with almost no warning.

    One minute, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 was making a seemingly routine approach to San Francisco International Airport on a calm, clear Saturday morning after an 11-hour flight from Seoul. Suddenly, the Boeing 777 slammed hard into the ground just short of the runway, bounced in the air and then pancaked, skidding and shedding parts as the terrified passengers hung on for their lives.

    But that nightmare turned into a miracle as hundreds of people managed to flee the shattered hulk of the jetliner, even as flames spread through the passenger cabin.

    Two people were killed and 49 seriously hurt when Flight 214 crashed at 11:27 a.m. But the rest of the 307 passengers and crew escaped either unscathed or with lesser injuries, Doug Yakel, an SFO spokesman, said at an evening news conference.

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