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10 things you've got to see from social media today, May 9

Greatest hits from today's Storify stories.


  1. 1. A president's historic tweet. See more here.

  2. 2. A legendary hairdresser and stylemaker memorialized in a tweet by Miley Cyrus. See more here

  3. 3. A legendary children's author's touching tweet about Maurice Sendak. See more here

  4. 4. A note to the president from a beloved entertainer who has been very open about being gay. See more here. 

  5. 5. Portrait of a married rock star who is becoming a woman. See more here. 

  6. 6. A queen in her crown, addressing Parliament. See more here. 

  7. 7. A brain tumor being removed during live-blogged brain surgery. See more here. 

  8. 8. Photos of Gulf Coast water spouts. See more here

  9. 9. Fox News' initial headline on President Obama's announcement. See more here. 

  10. 10. Workmen on a giant Marilyn Monroe. See more here. 

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