Joyce Evans Tweets

From Twitter - the most recent 300 tweets with the #joyceevanstweets hashtag as of October 6 at 10:15PM


  1. These tweets are in most part parody of what Joyce Evans of Fox 29 in Philly tweets out. According to Twitter, Evans has been on the social media site since May of 2009, but only has a total of 211 tweets. Therefore it's not surprising that she tweets in a manner outside the norms of many Twitter users. She uses a lot of sensationalism, shares in a broadcasting manner and is unabashed at pimping her station and stories that are coming up on her newscast.

    Some folks on Twitter have posited that she will be out of a job soon because of some of the tweets she's shared recently. Those tweets and Twitter conversations are right here....
  2. Now, on to the #joyceevanstweets samples from all around Twitter.