Feet In Two Worlds at the Union Square Greenmarket

In June 2012, Feet In Two Worlds held an intensive weekend Audio and Story Development Workshop, designed to help immigrant and ethnic media journalists increase their familiarity with audio for broadcast and online media, and to develop their story concept and pitching skills.

  1. fi2wpitch061012 (3 of 13)
    fi2wpitch061012 (3 of 13)
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    fi2wpitch061012 (5 of 13)
  3. An early session focused on crafting story pitches for various media outlets, led by Marketplace reporter/producer Sally Herships. Then there were tutorials on digital field recording, good interviewing techniques and basic sound editing provided by the FI2W team. Finally, the reporters got the opportunity to pitch their stories directly to editors Carolina Gonzalez from Latino USA, and Patricia Willens from WNYC, and they received critical feedback on further developing their ideas for potential commission.
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    fi2wpitch061012 (7 of 13)
  5. During the weekend workshop, the participants took Marantz digital flash recorders, mics and headphones out into the streets of New York City to practice their sound recording and interviewing skills. Their assignment: go to the Union Square Greenmarket and find out the back story on some of the people and businesses at the farmers market, then edit the audio into a brief sound profile. Here are some of the stories:
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