#Scriptchat Transcript Jenny Frankfurt @FinishLineScrip on Rewriting Tips!

Jenny Frankfurt of @FinishLineScrip gives tips and tricks for rewriting your screenplay!

  1. #scriptchat is back!! Join us tonight at 5pm PT with guest Jenny Frankfurt @FinishLineScrip - TOPIC: Tips and Tricks for #Rewriting Success. Chat details here: https://t.co/jYTQyXEic2 https://t.co/G4hsFJAHSx
    #scriptchat is back!! Join us tonight at 5pm PT with guest Jenny Frankfurt @FinishLineScrip - TOPIC: Tips and Tricks for #Rewriting Success. Chat details here:  http://scriptchat.blogspot.com/p/how-to-chat.html  pic.twitter.com/G4hsFJAHSx
  2. Time for #scriptchat with guest Jenny Frankfurt @FinishLineScrip! TOPIC: Tips and Tricks for Rewriting Success. Chat here:  http://www.tchat.io/rooms/scriptchat 
  3. It's #scriptchat oclock. Hello and happy new year everyone. Before we start with the guest, how are y'all doing?
  4. Wooo! Scriptchat! The perfect distraction from an overly-dramatic night! #scriptchat
  5. Or, actually the guest is on time, so feel free to send your questions their way. #scriptchat
  6. Hey there's @DBPodcast - just did a great segment with them you can check out as well! #scriptchat
  7. Rewriting scares people a lot. it's HARD! What can I help you all with? #scriptchat
  8. what are the issues people have the most with rewriting? Is it where to start? Do you do it by yourself or with help? #scriptchat
  9. @FinishLineScrip how do you know when you're done rewriting aside from simply feeling like you're done? #scriptchat
  10. @FinishLineScrip Knowing what to keep, what to re-work. Where to get people to read and opinions... All of that. #scriptchat
  11. First you, as the writer, may have an idea of what needs work cause you're just getting the story out... #scriptchat
  12. often we know where we need to fix things cause it's not flowing right. #scriptchat
  13. Obviously, we are a competition that focuses on helping people rewrite so notes from a valid source can be helpful #scriptchat
  14. Often, preparing a script before you write can help you rewrite #scriptchat
  15. This means outlining scenes, creating character biographies and truly laying out what the purpose of everyone is in relation #scriptchat
  16. @FinishLineScrip I rewrite as I go & rewrite again when I finish the first draft #scriptchat
  17. Sometimes second drafts can be worse. It's not always a linear process towards success! #scriptchat
  18. Often rewriting as you can can be good if time is not an issue. #scriptchat
  19. character bios should be full - you may not use half of them but you have to know why your characters would say and do things. #scriptchat
  20. Give characters background and personality so they can always remain consistent on the page. #scriptchat
  21. @FinishLineScrip so it's been rewritten a bunch before I get notes. When I do, I rewrite some more until I feel it's good to go #scriptchat
  22. If your question is missed by @FinishLineScrip, please give it a bit before asking again. #scriptchat
  23. Also, a later scene might give me an idea of how an earlier scene can work. #scriptchat
  24. We offer 6 pages of development notes and we break down wherever there are issues from the front to back of your script #scriptchat
  25. this way you can go along starting at page 1 and then make changes IF THEY FEEL ORGANIC to you. #scriptchat
  26. As someone who came from literary management, I highly suggest researching your project before writing #scriptchat
  27. This can be simply you doing the planning so that, even if there are issues that will need tending to later, you know your #scriptchat
  28. material backwards and forwards. It shows when you write and then when you rewrite. if you have a handle on the material. #scriptchat
  29. @FinishLineScrip I can't stand going into a project without research. The problem is stopping the research and start writing. #scriptchat
  30. I was always told to write forwards, rewrite backwards and polish as you go back through. #scriptchat
  31. We offer tons of questions throughout our notes and ask writers to consider their answers as ways to fix plot holes #scriptchat
  32. @Al_1701 @FinishLineScrip I come from academia. I know all about research. That's often more fun than the writing. #scriptchat
  33. Simply keeping a character consistent in their attitudes will help make their arcs more realistic and less likely to need fixing #scriptchat
  34. But all scripts need to be rewritten and done so many times before they're ready. Do not feel bad about rewriting. It's the key! #scriptchat
  35. @chasinglamely Interesting, I've never heard to rewrite this way but I like it. #scriptchat
  36. True, consistency is not 100%. Sometimes characters need to be inconsistent; but even that needs background and reasoning. #scriptchat
  37. @FinishLineScrip Q: What are some general issues you think writers tend to overlook when evaluating a first draft for a rewrite? #scriptchat
  38. #scriptchat I heard moonlight was 4 drafts. And if that's true I hate him. 😐😉
  39. @MsZoeyRose It's a solid theory; most mistakes and continuity problems come at the end. This way, you find them first. #scriptchat
  40. It's really important to read your scripts aloud on your own or with another person #scriptchat
  41. Creating Rhythm and transitioning between scenes are big parts of rewriting #scriptchat
  42. A lot of the time, first drafts have a clunkiness to them because they're unpolished. We, or other people who help writers #scriptchat
  43. You might want to go backwards to find things that need setup and then check to be sure it is there. #scriptchat
  44. writers will help you find the places where the ironing is needed. There is a great quote by Paul Thomas Anderson about this. #scriptchat
  45. If you outline your script you can check more easily if you have included the set-up for events in the third act in the 1st act, #scriptchat
  46. Re: research, I always use what my grandad taught me: Measure twice, cut once. The more you know, the fewer mistakes you'll make #scriptchat
  47. There is a skill to having that kind of clarity of If A+B=D, what happened to C....the rewrite or script notes can #scriptchat
  48. help you find where C fits and where story arcs got skipped over. #scriptchat
  49. Q @FinishLineScrip Do you think most writers should reoutline before doing their rewrite if they're structurally changing the story a lot, or any other tricks on that type of rewrite? #scriptchat
  50. There is a point with research as well as with rewriting when you've got to stop and accept this is what it is. Messing about #scriptchat
  51. @FlutterFerret Yeah, I was just recently going through scenes to work on set-ups/plants for later payoffs I ended up tweaking. #scriptchat
  52. n sometimes start to unrave a new draft, which is why so many can be needed #scriptchat
  53. Basically, unless you are a skilled writer and a seasoned one, having someone help, a pro or a friend who writes as well #scriptchat
  54. can help you see where you have gaps. It's hard to see your own work a lot of the time. #scriptchat
  55. @FinishLineScrip Q: I'm trying to write sci-fi TV shows. What sort of research would work on that? #scriptchat
  56. Ideas for rewriting will include, depending on the script - pace, rhythm, character and story, conflict - all must 'make sense' #scriptchat
  57. @collinlieberg @FinishLineScrip Sci fi is very important to research because this is often an imaginary world you;re creating #scriptchat
  58. @collinlieberg reading a lot of sci-fi scripts, successful ones, will show how to create a world that seems real #scriptchat
  59. Depending on genre, having things feel realistic will be more or less important but often notes or rewriting may include #scriptchat
  60. "this doesn't make sense". That may be story or character reaction or how someone speaks. It can then be adjusted in rewriting, #scriptchat
  61. I'll do a pitch for us again - @FinishlineScriptComp allows you to resubmit new drafts for FREE, You can use our notes or not. #scriptchat
  62. Make sure your world has rules and there are serious consequences for breaking them. #scriptchat
  63. @FinishLineScrip Q Cont'd: ie. taking separate passes w/ focus on a specific element or having a checklist of objectives #scriptchat
  64. When you buy notes from us you are automatically entered in the competition and can send in as many drafts as you need for free #scriptchat
  65. @SarahAlexis4 @FinishLineScrip I do think you can go through & read aloud. Depending on how your brain works, compartmentalizing #scriptchat
  66. I looked away for a minute and we changed subject from rewriting to contests... what? #scriptchat
  67. @collinlieberg @FlutterFerret This is our third year, we just opened again. We grew by 500% last year & received over 1200 subs #scriptchat
  68. @chasinglamely we are a contest that focuses on rewriting and no one was asking questions....so I let you know what we offer #scriptchat
  69. Q @FinishLineScrip besides research and feedback, what actual tools do you recommend people employ on their rewrites? #scriptchat
  70. @chasinglamely The guest does run a contest, but they also offer a notes service which automatically enters you into said contest, and you can even resubmit a draft with their feedback. #scriptchat
  71. @MsZoeyRose @FinishLineScrip logic. realism whether the world is realistic or not. Theme is important to establish #scriptchat
  72. At some point I do an individual rewrite for each character so that I can make sure their dialogue and actions are consistent. #scriptchat
  73. theme and emotional arcs must connect and at some point to create a reason for us to become invested. #scriptchat
  74. #scriptchat Why is theme so important to establish? Won't that come out in the writing?
  75. @wcmartell This is a good idea. Getting to know each character & making sure you've dotted their i's and crossed their t's #scriptchat
  76. @norma_perlroth Theme won't come out in the writing if the writer doesn't know what the theme is. W/O emotion there is no theme #scriptchat
  77. @norma_perlroth It cannot be expected that anything with just come out in the writing. It must be written as such. #scriptchat
  78. Making sure that all characters have an appropriate connection to one another is also something to check on in rewriting. #scriptchat
  79. One might say that the main purpose of the rewrite is to tighten the script as much as possible. No holes, few questions. #scriptchat
  80. We're over halfway done with the chat. Make sure you get your questions about rewriting in to @FinishLineScrip #scriptchat
  81. One thing I do is narrow in my rewrites. For example, I'll do a rewrite to make sure key props don't go missing. #scriptchat
  82. In genres like thrillers, it's important to make sure there is appropriate structure in place so rhythm and reveals work. #scriptchat
  83. his is stuff that is hard to do on ones own. Structure can be tricky, which is why outlining helps. #scriptchat
  84. Q @FinishLineScrip when do you realize that the story might be helpless or done with rewrites and know to move on to something else? #scriptchat
  85. How do I know if my script is ready to go? Are there some "tests" I can do? #scriptchat
  86. @chasinglamely create a paragraph of what the script is about before writing. An extended log line so there are various arcs #scriptchat
  87. @wcmartell have people read it; people who know good writing and whose work you trust. Who know the process. #scriptchat
  88. @wcmartell Where are the holes? Where does someone not sound realistic? Does the dialogue sound stilted or easy? #scriptchat
  89. At some point, writing is no longer a solitary process but also needs feedback in some manner. #scriptchat
  90. Knowing your script is ready to go will be different depending on the script. Instinctively you may feel you have done all #scriptchat
  91. you can without input. Tinkering can become unhelpful and sometimes the only way to know is to check the boxes you've created. #scriptchat
  92. @FinishLineScrip Q: Are there things you can do to speed up the rewriting process? For when deadlines come a-creeping. #scriptchat
  93. Rewriting is on the writer.Many scripts we give notes on come back better & better. Some never come back - it's intimidating. #scriptchat
  94. The rewriting is on the writer. Many scripts we give notes on come back better and better. Some never come back. #scriptchat
  95. (I like to read my 4 favorite scripts and then mine... is one of these not like the others?) #scriptchat
  96. @collinlieberg @FinishLineScrip Yes, our competition winner this past year laid out a very stringent schedule for his writing. #scriptchat
  97. Random soundbyte advice: Every rewrite you do on your outline saves three on the script. Polish that before you write "FADE IN" #scriptchat
  98. @wcmartell This is good. However, not all writers have the same ability. However, reading scripts you want to emulate is impt! #scriptchat
  99. Parcelling your time is important and making sure you devote the time needed even if it'a hard will get you to deadlines. #scriptchat
  100. Let's try a somewhat subjective question: How much rewriting is too much rewriting? #scriptchat
  101. It' important to be able to accept critique and not take is seriously but as someone who wants the best for you. No room for ego #scriptchat
  102. If you finish the script Wednesday and the contest deadline is Friday? Maybe you should have planned to finish earlier? #scriptchat
  103. @chasinglamely totally subjective because first drafts come in at different stages. However, if you're simply moving things #scriptchat
  104. @chasinglamely I also often go back to re-outline after a draft or two to account for changes/additions and look for new issues. #scriptchat
  105. @chasinglamely around out of fear at some point, I suggest stopping. When you're dealing with real issues then keep rewriting. #scriptchat
  106. Fifteen minutes left talking rewrites with @FinishLineScrip. Get those questions in. #scriptchat Also I have to bow out early, so please stay on topic. It's only fair for all the participants. And Happy New Year everyone.
  107. Feedback and notes are not about *you* they are about the script. It's just business, nothing personal. #scriptchat
  108. @wcmartell This is why we allow you to rewrite thruout the competition. You can enter tomorrow and keep rewriting & resubmitting #scriptchat
  109. No pressure for deadlines until there have been months to rewrite. #scriptchat
  110. @wcmartell Absolutely. Strictly business and necessary. Notes should be helpful but honest, no bullshit. #scriptchat
  111. Of course, the #scriptchat I'm late for is the one I'm having the most trouble with
  112. Had a massive burst of ideas in the last few weeks... gotta put them all together at some point #scriptchat
  113. @SarahAlexis4 that's good advice; I'm also a fan of converting my script to prose after I "finish" rewriting to check everything #scriptchat
  114. @blueneumann send it to us we'll give you 6 pages of notes in 72 hr turnaround. Get help if you're stuck. New sets of eyes help. #scriptchat
  115. @blueneumann And that's why we always post transcripts. This one will be late though. #scriptchat
  116. @SarahAlexis4 @chasinglamely Reoutlining is a great idea. Scripts change from your first ideas. Allow for that. #scriptchat
  117. It's always going to come back to how a script feels and if it makes sense. #scriptchat
  118. Anything that is sucessful has been planned from the start. Fail to prepare=prepare to fail. #scriptchat
  119. @FinishLineScrip Q: How long should you wait after finishing a draft until rewriting? #scriptchat
  120. Another recommendation: Check your three act structures; just as every script should have three acts, so should every scene. #scriptchat
  121. @collinlieberg @FinishLineScrip Sometimes yo can dive right in. Other times it helps to put the script away and return in a week #scriptchat
  122. @chasinglamely Yes, mostly so. A lot of scripts are looser than normal with 3 acts but there should be a feel of progression. #scriptchat
  123. Every scene is important and must have purpose. If it doesn't - if you cannot name it - rewrite. #scriptchat
  124. I just feel like... how do I keep shit from feeling/lloking out of control when I'm rewriting/brainstorming for rewriting #scriptchat
  125. @FinishLineScrip @collinlieberg This is why I always have two projects on the go; I work on one to keep the other fresh. #scriptchat
  126. @chasinglamely Cool. I've dabbled w/ doing a kind of prose synopsis of the story/acts to help kind of assess the big picture. #scriptchat
  127. I'm way organized, and even my notes and process become so bloated I #scriptchat
  128. Every act must start/end conflict, start/end arcs, character intro, information, humor....movement is necessary. #scriptchat
  129. ...that it becomes difficult to figure out how to crack it #scriptchat
  130. @SarahAlexis4 I literally turn mine into novels; you'd be surprised what interesting details shake out when you do. #scriptchat
  131. @chasinglamely @SarahAlexis4 The idea of prose writing is great when you're creating the pages of what the script is about. #scriptchat
  132. @blueneumann A note may be that the script is too full. Eliminate arcs or characters that don't serve the purpose of the story. #scriptchat
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  134. @chasinglamely @FinishLineScrip Yeah, I just finished A project, now waiting on notes from B project before starting C #scriptchat
  135. @blueneumann @FinishLineScrip you can overplan a script just as easily as underplanning one. Finding the balance comes with time #scriptchat
  136. Rewriting is about fresh eyes yours or others - a new look after the FADE OUT. It's true of all art. #scriptchat
  137. will plug again then - 6 pages of development notes for $100 (incl. entry) and free resubmissions of new drafts. We can help. #scriptchat
  138. But you're the one who will help yourselves by preparing ahead of time. Research, outlines, character bios. #scriptchat
  139. @chasinglamely @FinishLineScrip check the wesbite, we just started so lots of deadlines....and a great script at the end. #scriptchat
  140. (my automatic plugs aren't popping up due to tchat still having old twitter limit) #scriptchat
  141. @FinishLineScrip I'll have a look; I generally hate contests, but I've got a pilot I need to workshop, so... #scriptchat
  142. @FinishLineScrip I've heard that before. But I suspect I was talking to a girl in a bar at the time. #scriptchat
  143. Something for nothing: Tamzin Rafn explores the ups and downs of spec work -->  http://ow.ly/nROS302c9KE  #scriptchat
  144. @wcmartell Most notes are about content. Changing the content will get a script to the length it should be. No set length needed #scriptchat
  145. I'm happy with the new ideas I had, the issue is... how to start, you know? There's... how? #scriptchat
  146. Thanks for having me guys. Get in touch if you need us and happy rewriting!!! #scriptchat
  147. Hope everybody's 2018 is off to a great start. Write on! #scriptchat