I make movies and write filth!


I make movies and write filth!

Libby Mitchell

Tony Sarrecchia

Author, screenwriter. Amazon: https://t.co/QRsUL2jJnV IMDB: https://t.co/X5biIGY9ID Member HWA

Aaron Sil

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Ron Roco

I am Ron Roco from United State. I am working in social media & digital marketing from past 7 years and helping leading to grow their influences.

Rusels Jacksons

Rusels Jacksons Love to work on internet watch a lot of TV and movies, Gamer, Have a passion for wrestling. I enjoy to learning and love to teach other what I have learned.


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Jeremy Priestley

Jeremy Priestley is a dedicated business professional who has been helping other business owners thrive in their respective fields. He began his career in the financial industry, and realized that he had a talent for other roles in the professional world as well. Not only has he established several of his own businesses, but he has also been able to support other businesses as an investor and a supporter.

Rodney Tippit

Rodney Tippit has been in the furniture industry for over twenty years and has worked at several top positions. His experience in the furniture industry has helped him to gain valuable insight into the trends that control the market. He is known for his ability to boost sales, develop and implement unique strategies, and to train employees.

Micah J Reid

Writer, crocheter(!), and videogame addict.

Rashaad King

human. creative. dream catcher. truth seeker. @LifelineCompany. @GaOWNers.

Younge Social Media

Social Media PR for creative entertainment professionals by @natashayounge | Affiliated with @YoungeHwoodBlst

BlackGirlMagic Mag

Founder of Black Girl Magic Lit Mag (a speculative fiction lit mag focusing on Black female main characters) - Call for Submissions 14 Sept 2015 @Kenesha_W

Loren Kleinman

Huff Post blogger. Poet & Author at @WinterGoosePub. Writing featured on @Cosmopolitan, @Seventeen, @goodhousemag, @WomansDay & @redbookmag. I love my flaws.