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Regrettably, Treyarch only released little info about this game, which I think is component of their marketing and advertising method. They wanted to


  1. Regrettably, Treyarch only released little info about this game, which I think is component of their marketing and advertising method. They wanted to tease CoD fans with some of the extremely ideal traits, and force them to buy this game without further explaining the new additions to Black Ops. The only factor that is clear at this time is that you can play this game with three black ops 2 god mod considerably a lot more players making use of the Co-op mode. Yet another point that is nevertheless not clear up to this time is regardless of regardless of whether the players need to have to have to unlock the zombie mode or it is at present obtainable right away.

    The assault package is for these players whose play style revolves in obtaining up-close to their enemies and like to deal direct damage. Rewards range from seeing your enemies in the mini-map for 3 straight kills to becoming the Osprey gunner that delivers the care packages when you kill your enemies 17 consecutive occasions. The assistance package is for these whose play style is far a lot more of a help, no kidding. The streak does not finish even if the player is killed and the rewards you acquire from it supports your group overall. The specialist package is for far far more skilled gamers whose rewards come in the type of enhanced perks.

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