In the aftermath ...

Discussion of the TechCrunch Disrupt women in technology panel


  1. Here's more from Sarah Blow, founder of Girl Geek Dinners and GirlyGeekdom:
    Theoretically each of these women could have spoken about their successes as women in technology but Sarah Lacey decided to start the session stating that they were to talk about the “issues” sorrounding women in technology with this panel.  The problems started right at that point!  Women talking about the issues sorrounding women in technology are not women’s issues, they are actually industry issues…

    Mike Arrington gave the women who had argued that he hadn’t given enough thought to women & technology just enough rope to hang themselves with in this panel. It was a carefully orchestrated and disappointing show from both TechCrunch and the panelists. I say damaging to TechCrunch in the sense that they could have been the sounding board for a fantastic panel, they had Marissa Mayer and their own CEO here at the event today and yet didn’t put either inspirational women on that panel, nor did they include parents or men in the panel alienating the issue to a “women’s issue” which is wrong in so many ways.