Closing the Gap for First Gen College Students at #ACPA16

Bellarmine Presenter Team: Joe Patzelt, Senior Student-Athlete and Pioneer Lead Mentor; Lindsey Peetz, Director of the Pioneer Scholars Program; Kristen N. Wallitsch, Associate Dean of Student Success for Academic Support


  1. Bellarmine University was well represented at the 2016 ACPA-College Student Educators International Convention. Three colleagues from the Academic Resource Center presented a session that was selected for sponsorship jointly by the ACPA Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education (@ACPACASHE) and the ACPA Commission for Admissions, Orientation, and the First-Year Experience (@ACPA_AOFYE). This co-sponsorship allowed the session to be featured and promoted broadly to the more than 3,000 convention attendees. As a result, it was standing room only by the time the session began. A Directorate Board member from the Commission for Academic Support in Higher Education was kind enough to live tweet the entire session!