Setting the Record Straight on NYPD Journalist Arrests


  1. NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly and spokesman Paul Browne told the Queens Chronicle that only one "actual reporter" was arrested on the November 15 raid on Zuccotti Park. However, last year Mayor Bloomberg's spokeman confirmed five journalists with NYPD press credentials had been arrested. 
  2. In fact, eleven journalists were arrested by NYPD during the November 15 raid on Zuccotti Park that day. Here are the details of each.

  3. ONE: Julie Walker, NPR
  4. TWO: Jared Malsin, The Local East Village
  5. THREE: Jennifer Weiss, Agance France Presse
  6. FOUR: Matthew Lysiak, New York Daily News
  7. FIVE and SIX: Karen Matthews and Seth Winig, AP
  8. SEVEN: Justin Bishop, Vanity Fair
  9. EIGHT and NINE: Patrick Hedlund and Paul Lomax,
  10. TEN: Doug Higginbotham, TV New Zealand